Climate - Survey

Please respond to each of the below statements. 1 = Rarely; 2 = Sometimes; 3 = Frequently; 4 = Almost Always.

Your details
I focus on my colleagues when they are talking to me.
I have learned about my coworkers individually.
The people I work with cooperate and work as a team.
In our organisation, we have a framework for discussing tough issues we encounter.
Play is valued by my coworkers.
I feel comfortable playing in my work environment.
I enjoy playing at work.
Our organisation has a playful work environment.
We play with ideas to problem solve.
My coworkers observe me being playful at work.
I am recognised for my accomplishments.
I recognise my coworkers for their accomplishments.
I am the recipient of small gestures of kindness by my colleagues.
I enjoy coming to work.
My coworkers come to work with an attitude conducive to productivity.
I am able to choose my attitude in challenging situations.
I am able to disagree respectfully with others.
We have a positive team attitude.
I feel emotionally safe at work.
My coworkers feel safe to share their feelings at work.
I trust my coworkers.
My colleagues trust me.
I communicate regularly with my coworkers.
We have good communication within my team.
I am part of the goal setting process in my organisation.
I feel energised after a day at work.
I am overwhelmed by what is required of me.
I enjoy working with my colleagues.
I enjoy working for this organisation.
We work effectively as a team.
Please provide any additional comments about how you feel about the culture in your workplace.