Conference Planning

Growth in providing select services for PCOs in 2018

There has continued to be a trend for companies to outsource the planning and delivery of their conferences in 2018. However, the noticeable growth has been in the outsourcing of selected event services rather than complete end-to-end management of conferences. This includes services such as pre-event planning, online registration, travel management and creative team building activities.

Staff Conference

Having a culture breakthrough at your staff conference

For many organisations, their annual conference may be the only time in the year that all staff get together. It’s a great opportunity to share, learn, plan and bond, while everyone is in the same place at the same time. Because everyone is together, what cannot be underestimated is the impact it can have on culture. Here are three tried and proven ways to have a culture breakthrough at your next company conference.

Conference planning

A starting point to plan your staff conference

Are you organising a staff conference for your company this year? Here at Corporate Challenge Events, we are regularly contacted by organisations seeking guidance on how to plan a staff conference from our experience as a professional conference organiser. To help you get started, we have compiled 10 important questions you should work through when event planning your staff conference.

Your environment affects your team culture

How your workplace is set up to look and feel has an impact on the culture of your organisation. Your environment showcases what you value, and reflects and reinforces your culture! This blog focuses on the third of the 3 Es of a positive team culture – Environment – and 10 tips how you can contribute to the look and feel of your workplace to create a fun, happy and successful culture.

Event Services

Event services that support the EA and PA of today

The roles of Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants have evolved in recent years with today’s EA and PA taking on greater corporate events planning responsibilities. In recent years, I have been able to help streamline their corporate events planning processes by providing some select and strategic services. Here are 5 services that I have found to greatly benefit EAs and PAs in their event planning role.

Ideas for your work Christmas party in 2017

It is that time of year when you ponder what to plan for your office Christmas party. What will everyone enjoy doing? How do we better last year’s event? What is a good way to reward staff? Do we involve partners and families? What can we organise within budget? To help you decide on a rewarding and unforgettable event, here are our top four ideas for a staff Christmas party in 2017.

Maintaining the energy after an inspiring conference

Have you felt inspired and rejuvenated after a staff or industry conference? The change in routine and environment as well as the opportunity to learn and develop is exciting! Then what happens when the conference concludes and we return to our workplace? How can we bring the energy from the conference into our workplace culture? Here are five tips from Rachael Ziccone to energise your office.

Why internal conferencing is important for companies in 2017

We read and hear many fundamentals for modern day business success. Inspiring leadership, a great work culture, a clear vision, effective communication, ongoing professional development, exceptional customer service, long-term strategic planning, adapting to change and team harmony are probably on your list. But is a regular staff conference on your list?

How to select a destination for your staff incentive program

As we embark on a new year, many organisations may be considering a staff incentive program for 2017 with the end reward being a trip to a beautiful destination. Most employees are excited by travel and enjoy the features of an exotic, fun or relaxing destination, which makes a trip away a great reward. So how can you select a destination for your staff incentive program?

Consider a family fun day for your work Christmas party

In this age of longer working hours, flexible working arrangements and technology making work accessible 24/7, the contribution of families is vital in the success of a business. That is why we are seeing a trend of more companies involving families in work Christmas functions to acknowledge their contribution. Here are five important considerations to help you plan a family fun day for your staff Christmas party.

Five ways to bring CSR into your next event

Most businesses today have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy or plan outlining how they contribute to sustainability in areas such as energy, health, welfare, education, technology and communities. In delivering CSR strategies, corporate events can play a valuable role. Here are five ways your company can incorporate CSR into your future events such as conferences and functions.