Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a fun yet intense team development program designed to bring group dynamics, problem solving and tactical survival to the fore.

With activities tailored for all fitness levels, participants will enjoy the great outdoors as they work in teams to overcome the many and various physical and mental challenges directed by our boot camp instructors.

The team activities include basic training, tactical survival, combat, code breaking, military intelligence, message relay, hostile interrogation and enemy reconnaissance, all presented in a fun and unique way.

These activities have a strong focus on developing team work, leadership, trust, communication and decision making under fatigue.

To provide a challenging environment, teams compete against each other in a race to scale the ranks the fastest and ultimately become the highest ranked unit of the day.

There will be sweat, there will be anguish and there will be challenges that will push your team to their limits.

We want to see how your teams cope under the pressure of competition, time, fatigue, problems as they rise and some very demanding instructors.

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