Racing buggies around in a race style event  – it’s as fun as it sounds!

Team members must follow clues and read maps to arrive at various activity stations, then display their sporting and team skills to complete each challenge. This can lead to the discovery of new talents and undiscovered skills. Will we find a new Jack High, Greg Norman or Lauren Jackson?

As they complete their tasks throughout the day, the participants get a chance to explore the entire venue and its facilities. At the end of the day it’s a mad race to the finish line as teams complete one final rally task and patiently wait for all scores and totals to be tallied. Only one team can emerge Buggy Rally Champions, based on points earned throughout the day.

Due to the nature of the event, the Buggy Rally can only be held on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Buggy Rally has been specially designed to complement the range of facilities offered by integrated holiday and conference resorts located in the Queensland.


Maximum numbers are limited to the availability of buggies but if the group is large – more than about 70 – Buggy Rally can be integrated as an element within a more comprehensive program.