Chariot Chase

This is your chance to be Ben-Hur for a day by working in teams to make and race your own chariot to victory.

Speed will be important but so too will team work and project management skills in this outdoor team building program over three hours.

Teams work through a series of recreational or problem solving exercises to acquire the best equipment for their racing chariots.

Then with their allotted resources, the teams get to work assembling a chariot they believe will suit their team and environment in a race for ultimate glory.

The highlight of this team building event is the race. On the starting line, it becomes apparent the different strategies each team has taken. Then once the flag drops, the team with the best built chariot and cohesion in racing usually wins!

However another element in this exercise is how teams deal with issues and problems as they arise. Some unexpected obstacles on the course may stop the best of chariots.

Chariot Chase is a program that will test project management, resourcefulness, strategy, communication, leadership, delegation and time management in a pressure-packed team environment.

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