This concept-based team building event combines the creative flair and business acumen of your participants, as they team up to create the ultimate fundraising event for charity.

Participants are split into teams where their wits, creative flair and ability to work in a team environment will be pitted against those of the competing groups. Each team represents a local charity in a competition to design and plan the most profitable charity fundraising event on a budget.

Teams meet with a representative of their designated charity to gain an insight into their organisation and the project they are currently fundraising for. Following this consultation, each team develops a working plan for a creative and functional fundraising event aligned with the charity's values.

As the teams refine their fundraising plans, they now have to prepare their “Pitch” to be made to the judging panel. Each team’s 5-minute “Pitch” must outline specific details of their fundraising event such as budgets, promotional plans, estimated revenue generated, and so on.

After the judging panel confers, the Winning Pitch is announced and the responsible team receives the congratulations of their colleagues. At this point, the judging panel reveals that the “working budget” all teams were operating with will be donated to the winning team's designated charity, so they can bring the fundraising plan to life!