This program will take your team through a whirlwind of recreational or problem solving activities as the teams battle it out to earn the best possible equipment for their rafts, concluding in a raft race.

Hilarity is guaranteed.

Teams begin by competing in a series of challenges to win the best equipment. The equipment gallery will contain some of the most sophisticated nautical racing material, such as wood, bamboo, PVC piping, ropes, barrels and some other unknowns: everything the teams need to create their masterpieces. Once teams have completed their challenges, they must design and build their rafts.

The highlight of the event is the race itself, with a skipper and navigator piloting their raft through the elements and obstacles plotted by the opposition, while their teammates shout encouragement from the shore.

In inclement weather, a Chariot Race can be substituted for the Raft Regatta.