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The ultimate ideas guide to team building in Sydney

Team building is an important aspect of every office culture. With it, your employees can build trust, mitigate conflict, and learn to communicate and collaborate better amongst themselves.

By removing the office element, employees get to know each other better in a casual setting while having a fun and memorable day.

This organic interpersonal growth is one of the easiest and most important investments you can make in your company.

Corporate Challenge Events provides team building activities across Sydney that all members of the office will enjoy.

From the active hands-on type to the problem-solving minds, these events are sure to please everyone.


Explore Sydney’s historical landmarks and cultural hubs with Appventure!

In Appventure, teams use a customized app on their smart device to find and visit as many marked locations as possible. Perfect for the active outdoorsy type, team members will be racing across Sydney while completing set activities at certain locations. Dance in front of strangers, create human pyramids and stand in front of Sydney’s most famous landmarks. Requiring communication, strategy, teamwork, and time management, Appventure has all the makings of an awesome day of team building.

Great Race 

Dash across Sydney while taking in its sights with Great Race!

A desperate race to the finish line, teams will travel from point A to point B, completing activity stations along the way. You can choose to transport yourself across Sydney in mini buses, Harley Davidson motorcycles, helicopters, speedboats, limousines, mountain bikes or scooters. Cunning tactics and planning will allow you to sabotage your opponents to cross the finish line first. Sydney streets provide the twists, turns and triumphs needed for an awesome day of team building.

Play It Forward 

Deceptively simple, Play It Forward is the ultimate test of nerve and initiative!

Teams compete across Sydney to earn the most money before the end of the day. Teams have to complete tasks to earn money, like shoe shining, busking and creating artwork. Best of all, teams will also have the creative license to design and implement their very own unique money-making activity. Faced with the public, participants must use team work, resourcefulness, and most of all creativity to win this challenge. As a bonus, the event also allows the extra proceeds made on the day to be donated to charity.

Ocean’s 11 

For something less active but just as exciting, Ocean’s 11 is perfect for all members of the office!

Easily delivered over an evening of dinner and drinks or by itself, this team building event faces participants with puzzles, riddles, casino-style gambling and problem solving. Teams compete for Corporate Challenge Events dollars before hitting the casino and attempting to increase their wealth. An auction at the end of night allows teams to use their wealth to bid for prizes. A fantastic social event, participants will learn about each other while building on their risk tasking skills, trust, communication, and negotiation. Best of all, it’s fun!

Par For A Cause 

If your office is split between the indoors and outdoors type, Par For A Cause is the perfect team building event!

Catering for both groups, this activity pits teams against each other in building a putt putt golf hole. The challenge is that the materials provided are nonperishable food items. Teams then compete on each other’s course while trying to stay under par. With medals awarded and the champions basking in their glory, the program takes on a deeper meaning as the non-perishable food items used to create the course are donated to charity. Build teamwork, creativity, and strategy all while having fun and donating to charity.


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