Beach Olympics

Golden sand, sparkling blue water and beautiful weather – the dream environment for a fun and rewarding team building event called Beach Olympics.

Based on Olympic ideals, the onus is on participation and fun as teams compete in a round robin series of games with a gold medal in their sights.

These games can be tailored to suit your objectives and accommodate people of all ages and abilities.

Beach Olympics presents a unique opportunity for staff to compete against each other, against other departments or even against other companies.

This team building program is a great way to experience one of our beautiful natural assets, the beach, while promoting team work, healthy competition, team spirit and fun.

Beach Olympics can be a great event for your staff as part of your end of year celebrations or to invigorate your team at the start of a campaign.

If you do not have a beach nearby, we recommend you check out our Mini Olympics program which can be staged anywhere with a park or indoor venue.

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