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Positive Teams Masterclass… the need to know

We all want to be a part of a team that is cohesive, supportive and has a fun and playful culture that makes every workday enjoyable.  But what makes a happy team?  At Corporate Challenge Events we believe that creating a happy and cohesive team, begins with a positive team culture.  However building and maintaining a positive team culture and in turn, a happy team is not always an easy task.

That’s where the Positive Teams Masterclass comes in! 

Delivered over a twelve month period, the Positive Teams Masterclass combines the very best of our programs to support your workplace culture, allowing your team to thrive and grow as time goes on.  Consisting of a combination of Team Building Programs, both virtual and in person, as well as Team Building Workshops, the Positive Teams Masterclass provides you with the tools and support to build and maintain your workplace culture long after the programs conclusion.  

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Presented as a package value deal prices start from as little as $299 per person for the 12 month program.


Discuss your goals

Meet with your dedicated positive team’s consultant to set SMART measurable goals for your team.


Design your Journey

Choose from very best that Corporate Challenge Events has to offer from each of the program categories, to provide you with a complete positive team culture package


Let The Fun Begin!

Enjoy 12 months of support and tools to reconnect your team, build team morale and connection and reinforce positive team culture long into the future.

Positive Teams Masterclass ...THE FACTS


Team Benefits

Team Morale
Team Connections
Lasting impacts
Improved workplace culture
Reinforce team goals
Employee Engagement


Use PTM when

You want to actively take steps to build and maintain a positive team culture.


Team Size & time

Suitable for groups of any size 

Delivered over 12 months


Specific event requirements will vary per your program selection. Your positive teams’ consultant will advise any specific requirements of each program.

im interested....so how does it work?

The Positive Teams Masterclass is an all inclusive twelve month program that combines our very best team building programs and team building workshops to help your organisation build and maintain a positive team culture and thus, a happy team.  Through this program your team will participate in the following over a twelve month period:

  • 2 x Team Building Workshops
  • 1 x Charity Team Building Program
  • 1 x Recreational Team Building Program
  • 2 x Virtual Team Building Programs

The Positive Teams Masterclass has been specifically created to include programs that allow your team to develop the skills and hold the tools required to build and maintain a positive team culture.  The impact of the Positive Teams Masterclass will be felt throughout your organization and community.  With each program building a stronger and happier team leading to a thriving workplace culture.

And the best part is, because of the wide range of programs on offer as part of the Positive Team Masterclass, the Masterclass can be booked again and again.  So your workplace culture and team morale only improves year after year.

What Programs Can I Choose From?

We have hand picked the very best that Corporate Challenge Events has to offer from each of the program categories, to provide you with a complete positive team culture package.

Team Building Workshops (Select Two)

The FISH! Workshop provides the opportunity for you to explore how to create a workplace culture that anyone would be envious of, whilst tapping into the strengths and passions of your people and having a bit of fun of course!


A strong workplace culture is something that really sets an organisation apart from the rest.  But how do you do that?  Well, you need a FUMISH culture!  Based on 25+ years of experience in the industry, this workshop is purposefully designed to give your team the tools they need for success!

Belbin Team Roles

Understanding what makes a good team great, goes beyond employing the people with the best qualifications or most experience.  A great team has the right balance of skill, knowledge and behaviours within its people and through a Belbin workshop we can help you identify just that.

Charity Team Building Program (Select One)
Out of the Box

In the only charity team building program of its kind, ‘Out of the Box’ is an opportunity for socially responsible organisations to make a difference to the lives of Australians doing it tough. Unaware of the outcome teams will be presented with the challenge of working together to earn essential items that many Australians go without each and every day.

Bikes for Tykes

One of the most powerful charity team building programs in Australia is Bikes For Tykes – the original charity bike building program.

Teams work through a series of activities with the overall goal to build a bike from scratch and put a smile on an underprivileged child’s face.

Lego Legends

In every real adult a child is hidden that wants to play! Make sure you channel your inner child for this uplifting program that will see participants battle it out to build the most Legendary LEGO structure. The playful spin on this program transforms to heart-warming when the finished models are donated to a children’s charity of choice.

Recreational Team Building Program (Select One)

Just like its reality TV namesake, Survivor presents fun and challenging team activities to determine who is the ultimate survivor! There are no deserted islands or extreme conditions but many adventures and twists to test the mettle of everyone.

City Scramble

City Scramble is a fun adventure where teams will learn how much they know about the city. With a camera, maps, money and a list of items to collect or photograph, teams will be let loose in a scramble around the city.

Mini Olympics

We have all witnessed the Olympics and thought to ourselves, how amazing and inspirational are those athletes.

Well here is your chance to be your own Olympian for a day and strive for that elusive gold medal!

We have removed the years of training, practice and conditioning, taken out the selection criteria and qualifying processes, and replaced them with an all-inclusive fun team building program.

Safe Crack

A new diamond smuggling ring has appeared, diverting millions of dollars away from local traders.

Police have started their search for this syndicate, however your help is needed to pinpoint the identity of two of the main culprits.

Your objective in Safe Crack is to sift through the evidence, decipher the clues, work as a team, and ultimately discover the names of the people wanted over this diamond smuggling ring.

Online Team Building Programs (Select Two)

So, you think you have what it takes to navigate Skynet? Working as a team, you will need to put all your skills to the test if you want to come out on top at the end and claim the ultimate victory!  This exciting and fun virtual team game is completely accessible online and is sure to connect teams and boost positive team culture, anywhere, anytime.

Online Trivia

Do you have a fountain of random knowledge bottled up inside you that is just bursting to get out?  Well, it’s your time to shine! Put your brain to the test and lead your team to victory.

The challenges will keep coming as teams battle it out in the Online Trivia arena to become the undisputed trivia whizzes of your company!


No longer do you need to travel down to the community hall to engage with your friends in this thrilling, fast paced and much-loved past time, oh no, you can now take in all the suspense, FUN and excitement from the comfort of your own home! 

Ladies and gentleman, may we present to you… Online Bingo!

Removing Barriers to Positive Team Culture

Many organisations struggle to promote a positive team culture due to lack of time, commitment and of course COVID.  The Positive Teams Masterclass helps remove these barriers through allowing your team to bond through a series of fun and engaging team building programs over a 12 month period.  Your Positive Teams consultant will help you choose the best programs to achieve your desired outcomes, so as the organiser, you can get back to doing what you do best and leave all the finer details to us.

The last few years have shaken up the way we work and interact with our teams, leaving many feeling disconnected and unhappy.  The Positive Teams Masterclass provides you with support and tools to reconnect your team, build team morale and connection and reinforce positive team culture long into the future.

Price Beat Guarantee

We will beat any comparable quote!


Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied; expect a refund!

FUN Guarantee

Your team has fun or money back guarantee!

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