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Corporate Team Building Programs… the need to know

It’s time to inject some fun into your next team bonding event!  With over 40 team building activities to choose from including workshops, online and traditional, Team Building with Corporate Challenge Events is the perfect way to shake things up and energise your group to really take your workplace culture to the next level!

Whether you are looking for something super competitive, a little more relaxed or something with a meaningful outcome, there is a program to suit every group.  No matter your location, budget, time frame and size, we will work with you to create the perfect event to excite and strengthen your team.  All while creating a FUN and engaging environment, that gets everyone laughing, bonding and creating memories that will connect them for years to come.  Afterall, isn’t that what Team Building is all about?


  • ZA tailored and personal service.
  • ZA fun and engaging event.
  • ZDevelopment of teamwork, communication, planning, time management and trust.
  • ZTo foster a positive team culture.
  • ZProvide value-for-money.
  • ZGain an appreciation for yourself and others.
  • ZA non-threatening and inclusive environment.
  • ZDeliver an event beyond expectations.

TEAM BUILDING activities

With over 40 activities to choose from, covering a huge range of styles and outcomes, it can be hard to know where to start.  But whether you are searching for something online, charity, active or creative based, we have something for you!


Active & Adventure

Escape the ordinary with us, and follow your sense of adventure.


Giving back and boosted team moral? It’s a win win!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so let’s get festive!


Take your next team or student day to the top of the class.

Just Entertainment

It’s all about the fun with this one!  And lots of laughter too.

Team Workshop

Think team performance without being stuck in a classroom!


It’s your time to shine and show off your creative flair!


These activities are guaranteed to get your mouth watering.

Problem Solving

Don’t worry, these won’t make your head spin… too much!

Want to see more team building programs?

We have so many different types of programs available it can be difficult to choose the right one for you.

Use the drop down boxes to filter our program selection to your requirements or read our ultimate guide to team bonding activities so that you can make an informed decision and select something that is a perfect fit for your group!

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Thank you Tim and team! From planning till delivery of the program you have been easy and a pleasure to work with even when we had to change the activity almost at the last minute. Considering just the activities by itself we were glad we went with Lego Legends in the end. Every aspect was handled professionally and the delivery was exactly what we hoped for. The program sponsors were absolutely delighted that we went with this team building activity which reflects the high value it has brought for all the participants which was obvious as the participants were highly engaged and there were lots of laughter and energy. As program organizers we were completely relieved that our group was in your team’s hands


Thank you so much to Jessica, James and Jayden for your help organising this event for us. From the liaising with Jessica in the lead up to the day to talking with James and Jayden on the day, it was an enjoyable experience and made my job as organiser for our company much easier! I received so much great feedback throughout the day from my colleagues. It was a great mixture of team building, fun and doing something positive for a charity. I heard colleagues talking to each other about what a great program it was so I am sure we will be using Corporate Challenge Events again in the future.”


Our team participated in the Minute to Win It challenge and the day was full of laughter.
Everyone who participated only had the best things to say about the afternoon and it was certainly a great bonding experience for the team. Everyone at Corporate Challenge Events was helpful and made the entire process of organising the event hassle free.

Good Price Pharmacy

With a newly formed team and an unexpected opportunity, while our American corporate team were in Melbourne, Corporate Challenge Events managed to deliver an outstanding service and extremely professional event. The fact that we were able to review team dynamics while at the same time giving back to the community was a bonus. It was well structured, perfectly timed and downright good fun

Illinois Tool Works

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event and provided immediate feedback on the success of the event.  The success was contagious – several participants commenting that it was good to see that the Corporate Challenge Events organiser was enjoying it as much as we all were. A real TEAM event that everyone enjoyed – emails and photos of the event are flying round the office this morning!


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