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Team Building in Schools…the need to know

Break out of the classroom for a hands-on learning experience like no other!  Immerse yourself in a fun, engaging and purpose-driven team building program for students or staff in your primary or secondary school around Australia.

Whether you’re looking to enhance leadership, teamwork, responsibility or communication (just to name a few), a team building program will highlight these important life skills for teachers and students alike to apply in any community, workplace, classroom and team.

With a wide variety of recreational, problem solving and charity team building available, we have something to suit all ages and abilities.  Servicing anywhere in Australia, we are happy work with you to tailor a package to meet your group size, budget and time requirements.

If you want shake it up, add some excitement and try something different for your next professional development day, leadership camp or incursion, then step this way.  Are you ready to challenge yourself outside the classroom?


A thrilling adventure style program that provides students with the opportunity to build real world skills and boost local knowledge all while building communication, making connections and having FUN of course!


Under the Travel Education Framework it is a requirement for all students to be equipped with the skills, knowledge and confidence to successfully travel independently using public transport.  The School EDventure does exactly that! 


Utlising our custom-built app on their smart device each team will be challenged to navigate their way to upwards of 30 geo-locked checkpoints around their city. Upon arrival to a correct destination the app will open with a question or task specific to that location.


Students will have the opportunity to travel to several famous landmarks in their city to complete a series of experiential learning tasks.  These will vary from checkpoint to checkpoint to keep students on their toes and will include mind-boggling trivia questions, creative photo challenges and mysterious special tasks.

Free Activities

We want to help you create a stronger team and a thriving classroom culture, so we wanted to share some of our favourite activities for students and teachers for FREE!  No catch, no strings attached, just a little something for your and your school.


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Solutions for Teachers

Top Teacher Picks Ahead!  We offer team building programs both in person and online to break teachers out of the classroom and into a hands-on learning experience like no other!


We understand that the health and safety of your staff, teachers and students is the number one priority.  Which is why we have created plenty of Online Team Building options as well as modified all of our in person School Team Building programs to meet COVID safe restrictions in each state and territory of Australia.  To find out more about these modifications, please visit our COVID Safe Team Building Page.



Just like its reality TV namesake, Survivor presents fun and challenging team activities to determine who is the ultimate survivor! There are no deserted islands or extreme conditions but many adventures and twists to test the mettle of everyone.

Risk Reward

Will your team be a corporate success or apply for bankruptcy in Risk Reward? Requiring strategy, trust, teamwork and process improvement, the objective is to grow your finances through calculated risk taking and become the most profitable!

Safe Crack

Your help is needed to identify the leaders of a diamond smuggling ring. That is the case in Safe Crack! Work as a student or teacher team to sift through the evidence, uncover the combination to a safe and identify the culprits.

benefits of team building for ...teachers



Just like any team, sometimes things can get lost in translation, especially if others have a different communication style to us.  Team Building programs offer the opportunity to further develop our communication skills and also determine the best way to effectively communicate with your fellow teachers.

Problem Solving

Teachers are quick on their feet and excellent problem solvers by nature, BUT how we work with our colleagues to solve a problem can be very different to a classroom setting.  Team Building programs provide teachers with the opportunity to problem solve together, learning new techniques from each other that they can not only implement in the classroom, but also in life. 


Teamwork, makes the dream work, but this wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t TRUST the other members of our team.  No, we aren’t going to make you do any crazy trust exercises where you need to blindly fall into your colleagues arms and hope that they catch you; but rather create a sense of trust with your fellow teachers so that you have confidence not only in their abilities, but also in yourself.

Solutions for Students

Programs your students will love!  If you want shake it up, add some excitement and try something different for your next sports carnival, leadership camp or incursion, then step this way.


we understand that the health and safety of your staff, teachers and students is the number one priority.  Which is why we have created plenty of Online Team Building options as well as modified all of our in person School Team Building programs to meet COVID safe restrictions in each state and territory of Australia.  To find out more about these modifications, please visit our COVID Safe Team Building Page.


Mini Olympics

We have all witnessed the Olympics and marvelled at those amazing and inspirational athletes. Well here is your chance to be in your own Olympic team at school and compete for gold in our fun Mini Olympics program.

Picture Perfect

You may not have a telescopic lens or patience to sit in a bush for hours but Picture Perfect will allow teachers and students to become paparazzi for a day. It is a fun program for an excursion or camp to hone team and creative skills!

Bikes for Tykes

One of the most powerful charity team building programs for schools is Bikes For Tykes. Teams work through a series of activities with the overall goal to build a bike from scratch and put a smile on an underprivileged child’s face.

benefits of team building for ...Students


While we aren’t all born leaders, team building programs provide opportunities for students to step out of their comfort zone and develop key leadership skills.  Developing leadership skills will provide students with confidence to take on more responsibility not only in a classroom setting, but also outside of a school environment as well. 



As with teachers, it is important to acknowledge that each individual student has a unique communication style.  Team building programs help students recognise this not only in themselves, but also in others and assists them in identifying effective ways to communicate with the group.  Once again, these skills go beyond the classroom and will equip the students with effective communication skills that they can take with them through life.


Last, but certainly not least team building provides bonding opportunities for students.  It allows them to get outside of their usual friendship groups or cliques and encourages them to interact with fellow students that they may not have interacted with otherwise.  Not only might they make a new friend, but it will also expand the way they approach a problem and may introduce them to a new way of thinking too.

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We have so many different types of school programs available it can be difficult to choose the right one for you.

Use the drop down boxes to filter our program selection to your requirements or get in contact with us to find out how we can build a positive school culture for you.

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A thoroughly enjoyable experience and will have no problem in engaging Corporate Challenge in the future. It was wonderful to give back.

Caulfield Grammer School

Thankyou for the thoughtful program put together to accommodate our school.  Everyone had a great day, there was nothing we could fault, Shane’s enthusiasm and presentation was second to none.  The activities were varied, interesting and thought provoking, they certainly encompassed our team spirit.  We would highly recommend this program to others. 5 Stars!!

Dudley Park

The Survivor Challenge we were recently involved in through Corporate Challenge Events, are always such a success! The staff always do a wonderful job with our students. All staff are fantastic to communicate with, show enthusiasm and are brilliant in tailoring activities to suit student needs.

Rosehill Secondary College

It was truly heartwarming to see our Intermediate VCAL students (many of whom have struggled for years in the classroom) feeling confident, energised and even competitive. These were not kids who had even tried to be competitive before, but the Survivor scenario and the range of games and experiences gave everyone an opportunity to excel at something different. Everyone went home very tired and happy!

Hillcrest Christian College

Overall, it was an excellent event! Dwain and Anita were wonderful to work with. We’ve had a series of great events over the past few years and we’re really excited to continue the relationship with Corporate Challenge.  Thank you for your work on our event. We were really happy with it!

Oxley College

Corporate Challenge Events hosted a professional, fun and exciting event for our Junior School. The room was filled with laughter and the students and their father’s were engaged in all of the wonderful Minute To Win It activities. Thank-you for making our event one to remember

Trinity Grammer School

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