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“Build a strong sense of community within your team… without being in the same location, city or even country!”

Online team building

At Corporate Challenge Events we aim to bring teams of all shapes and sizes together to create a positive workplace environment.  As we see an increase in teams working remotely, it is more important than ever to create a united community within the workplace and these customisable, interactive and FUN online workshops do just that.

Our online programs are specifically designed to deliver on all the desired outcomes that can be achieved in a traditional team building activity or workshop.  From communication, collaboration, engagement and leadership, we will help you create a strong sense of community within your team… without being in the same location, city or even country!

Take your team on an online journey, explore our FUN, interactive and customisable online team building programs now!

I'm Interested... so what is online team building?

Allow us to take your team on a journey through our online programs.  Our Online Team Building programs are interactive online solutions that can be completed remotely by your team from anywhere in the world. 

Specifically designed to still deliver on outcomes that traditional team building activities and workshops address, these programs can be accessed by teams of all sizes in any location.  Whether you are looking for a solution that can be rolled out in one afternoon, with guided discussion or small bursts of fun over a few weeks, we can customise a solution that works for you.

Still not sure which online program is right for you? Get in touch with us today via the form below to discuss your team building needs, and take the first step towards building the community you desire within your organisation.


Roll up, roll up! Let the fun begin as we take you through a series of challenges that deliver on some real outcomes that will accentuate your team, all from the comfort of a remote working environment.  Now, while these programs do indeed provide all the fun, laughter and social aspects (while maintaining social distancing) you have come to know and love from traditional team building, they also come with the added bonus of delivering on your desired key outcomes.   Whether you are looking for a boost in problem solving, leadership, communication skills or just want to re-connect your team during these times of uncertainty, these are the programs for you!



So, you think you have what it takes to navigate Skynet? Working as a team, you will need to put all your skills to the test if you want to come out on top at the end and claim the ultimate victory!  This exciting and fun virtual team game is completely accessible online and is sure to connect teams and boost positive team culture, anywhere, anytime.

Backyard Beers

There is nothing quite like cracking open a cold beer on a glorious summer’s day after a hard day of work.  But what if we told you, you could get this feeling all year round and better still at your next work function? Complete with our ‘brewers choice’ paddle and beer trivia this program is for the beer lovers of Australia! You wont find this in your local liquor shop!

The Pitch

This program will draw one each individuals’ expertise as we put your team work, creativity and presentation skills to the ultimate test and challenge each team to come up with the best charity fundraising idea that they can for a specific local charity. Whether your ideas will establish you as the king of the tank… or see you sleeping with the fishes will be determined as your revolutionary ideas come to fruition.

Virtual Cellar Door

Whether you’re all about red or prefer a crisp white, we have the perfect drop to excite your team and suit their unique tastes. But this is no ordinary tasting, oh no, because this is done completely and utterly online, meaning your whole team, no matter where they are located can participate.

The Vault

A new gang has appeared, planning and executing numerous robberies stealing millions of dollars from the community. Police have started their search for this syndicate, however, your help is needed to pinpoint the identity of two of the main culprits.  The Vault is a time limited problem-solving focused program that is delivered virtually accommodating remote based teams.

Show Business

Lights, camera, ACTION!  We might not be able to promise you all that glitz and glam of a red carpet entrance, a million Instagram followers or being greeted by adoring fans wherever you go… BUT we can promise you a film experience that even Hollywood stars would be envious of.  Whether you are the star of the show, a ground breaking director or a wiz with the camera this is the program for you.  

Shake It Up

Do you consider yourself as a bit of a cocktail connoisseur? 

Not sure if you like your martini shaken or stirred? Want to really WOW your friends at your next house party with your expert mixologist skills?  If you answered YES to any of the above, this is the program for you!

Online Trivia

Do you have a fountain of random knowledge bottled up inside you that is just bursting to get out?  Well, it’s your time to shine! Put your brain to the test and lead your team to victory.

The challenges will keep coming as teams battle it out in the Online Trivia arena to become the undisputed trivia whizzes of your company!

Online Bingo

No longer do you need to travel down to the community hall to engage with your friends in this thrilling, fast paced and much-loved past time, oh no, you can now take in all the suspense, FUN and excitement from the comfort of your own home! 

Ladies and gentleman, may we present to you… Online Bingo!


Congratulations!  You are ready to really commit to taking your team to the next level, even during the time of COVID-19.  These programs will set you up for success by placing you on the path to discover the best practices for you and your team to allow continued growth as a positive workplace environment even while working remotely.  But the benefits don’t stop there, these programs don’t just equip your team with skills to boost their professional performance, but also with tools that can be used in everyday life and shift their mindset even during these difficult times.  With results like these, your team will emerge stronger and more connected than ever before.



FISH! Online

Dive into this interactive virtual workshop that allows your team to boost your workplace culture.  Fish! Online is designed to provide remote teams and individuals with the same easy to follow strategies that will not only take your workplace culture to the next level but equip individuals with positive mindset tools to implement in everyday life.


A strong workplace culture is something that really sets an organisation apart from the rest.  But how do you do that?  Well, you need a FUMISH culture!  Based on 25+ years of experience in the industry, this workshop is purposefully designed to give your team the tools they need for success!

belbin Online

Empower your team to maximise their performance by truly understanding how each individual within your team works and what they need to truly thrive.  Belbin Online is designed to provide your team with the same clear understanding of how each member works, on an easy to use, online platform that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Find Your Why

Why do you do what you do? Everyone in business knows what they do, some know how they do it, but most don’t know why they do it, their authentic purpose. By taking the steps to clearly define this within your organisation you will see your business flourish, grow and provide clarity on where you are heading and what behaviours will help you get there.

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Select the key outcome you want to focus on to get the most out of the online experinece for your team.

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During our interactive online orgrams, everyone has a chance to share their thoughts.

know your team

Get to know your team mates, how they work and what environment they thrive in remotely.

Enhance your culture

Promote the positive team culture you seek in your workplace and watch your organisation go to the next level whilst working remotely

know yourself

What do you need to flourish at work? Through an online Team Building program you will find these answers and more.

navigate the unknown

An online team building prgram can give you the tools you need to navigate the uncertainty during times of change.

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Get all the real benefits of a traditional team building program anytime, anywhere!

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