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Charity team building…the need to know

These team building activities are more than just about fostering camaraderie. With a commitment to socially responsible initiatives, they offer all the benefits of traditional team building, enhanced with the added value of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

We empower teams to support causes they’re passionate about, from supporting children facing illness to combatting homelessness. Our programs are tailored to each team’s shared purpose and are designed to resonate with everyone involved.

By choosing our charitable team building programs, you’re investing in more than just team growth; you’re contributing to community welfare. We transform corporate events into catalysts for positive change, creating a lasting impact in communities. Experience team building that fosters social responsibility and makes a real difference.

So, what are you waiting for?  It’s time to bring your team together, build team connection and support a worthy cause.

Charity Team Building


One of our five cores values as a business is ‘our actions affect our community’. We are committed to contributing to communities in need and protecting the environment through our day-to-day work.

As a leader in team building across Australia, we offer a wide range of FUN and impactful charity-based team building programs that not only deliver on traditional team building objectives but also provide lasting memories for your team.  If you would like to make a positive impact on your community and connect your team, all while sharing a laugh with your team, then check out our charity team building programs or get in touch with us today to find your perfect fit.



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Charity Team Building Programs

Want to give back to your community but not quite sure where to start?  We have developed a wide range of charitable programs to inspire you, with each promising to give back to a very worthy cause.  Have a specific charity that you want to work with in mind? No problem!  Talk to us about how we can incorporate your chosen charity into our programs today.


Bikes for Tykes

One of the most powerful charity team building programs in Australia is Bikes For Tykes – the original charity bike building program.

Teams work through a series of activities with the overall goal to build a bike from scratch and put a smile on an underprivileged child’s face.

Lego Legends

In every real adult a child is hidden that wants to play! Make sure you channel your inner child for this uplifting program that will see participants battle it out to build the most Legendary LEGO structure. The playful spin on this program transforms to heart-warming when the finished models are donated to a children’s charity of choice.

Give a Dog a Home

Each team’s goal in Give A Dog A Home is to design, build and present an award-winning dog kennel from scratch.

The ultimate reward in this team building program with a difference is the donation of these new kennels to an animal charity for dogs in need of shelter, including a visit from some friendly canines.

Flat Pack Frenzy

We have all felt the frustration and then the reward of completing a flat pack from scratch. In this team building program with a twist, there will be plenty of fun, hard work and challenges as teams build their very own flat packs. The twist is what is being built will be donated to families in need, making Flat Pack Frenzy a truly powerful and memorable program.

Charity Chef

Charity Chef is a powerful team building program that requires teams to design and then cook a number of delicious dishes.

The reward is then the special donation and delivery of these culinary masterpieces to a worthy charity at the conclusion of the event.

Out of the Box

In the only charity team building program of its kind, ‘Out of the Box’ is an opportunity for socially responsible organisations to make a difference to the lives of Australians doing it tough. Unaware of the outcome teams will be presented with the challenge of working together to earn essential items that many Australians go without each and every day.

Toys For Tykes

You never get too old for toys! In Toys 4 Tykes, teams work strategically to build a brand new children’s wooden toy from scratch.

It will be a challenge to be the best toy building team but then seeing the smile on the face of an underprivileged child who receives it will make it all worthwhile.

Par for a Cause

Does your organisation have people that will do anything for a sneaky nine holes while others find that boring or difficult? Well now you can cater for both in a fun and empowering charity program called Par For A Cause. This fun, interactive and engaging team event can also be conducted in a variety of outdoor and indoor locations.

Fill It

The mission is to fill a trailer within an allocated timeframe with goods to be donated to charity. Think it’s easy? Think again!

Think again! Fill It requires strategising, team work and creative thinking to maximise time and efficiency in filling the trailer. 

Karts for Hearts

This is your chance to be a Formula One buggy technician for a day and build the ultimate racing kart.

Karts for Hearts is a fun indoor or outdoor team building program with the objective to earn equipment and resources to build a billy kart and create a sales pitch why your kart is better than the rest.

Play it Forward

An ability to sell ice to Eskimos is an important talent in this team building event.

Play It Forward will stretch comfort zones as participants pursue financial success through creative engagement with the general public.

The Pitch

Which team has the innovators, planners and presenters to successfully emerge from the Shark Tank?

The Pitch will combine the creative flair and business acumen of all participants as they work in teams to create, plan and pitch a fundraising event for charity.

Want to see more programs?

We have so many different types of outcomes focussed programs available it can be difficult to choose the right one for you.

Use the drop down boxes to filter our program selection to your requirements or get in contact with us to find out how we can build a team event to remember!

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ABB couldn’t be happier with the team building events that were hosted by Hugh and the team at Corporate Challenge Events. The events were well organised, fun, and run in such a way that ensured that everyone would be involved. It was very emotional and fulfilling to see that our event led to a donation to a charity. Seeing the children and parents at the event warmed the heart of all participants.


Thank you for your help in arranging the day – it was a fantastic way to end what was an intensive 3 day workshop.  The team really enjoyed the activities and were deeply moved by the experience.  We were even more surprised to learn that the family are actually customers of ours and that they relied on our services to get them through tough times made the presentation to the children that much more meaningful.


Highly recommend you get a team together for this activity. It is a great way for people to get to know each other a bit better (which was our aim) and have some fun at the same time. The highlight for us being how happy the kids were to receive the bikes at the end of the afternoon, which we kept a surprise so no one knew right up until the moment. Our team had a ball, the feedback and talk around the office has been overwhelmingly positive.


I am the organizer for the Thrifty annual events and I have to say I haven’t received so much positive feedback after an activity event the way I did after we completed the Bikes for Tykes activity.

The whole experience was well organized and hats off to the staff from Corporate events for executing such a successful event. Such a great way for staff to bond and communicate together in the activities leading up to actually making the bike. Seeing the kids faces when they were presented with the bikes was absolutely priceless. Being the program organizer I knew that we were going to present these bikes to the kids, having time to prepare myself not to shed a tear, this didn’t go to planned and tears of joy and accomplishment rolled down my face.

Thank you on behalf of Thrifty for a heartfelt and team building experience, it was a great way to finish off a successful week.


We cant thank you enough for a wonderful day. Without a doubt, the feedback from our teams was so positive and clearly being able to do an activity, while working on such a good cause, was such a feel good moment and emotional for some as well.

A call out to how well you all executed the day, as it was upbeat and fun whilst still clearly having a good purpose.


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