Christmas Cluedo

Santa needs your team’s help to prevent the theft of more Christmas toys from his sleigh.

Your objective in this fun and festive team building program is to sift through evidence in teams, decipher clues left behind by the thieves and ultimately become the first to identify and apprehend the alleged offenders.

Christmas Cluedo focuses on important team building skills such as information analysis, brainstorming, problem solving, role delegation, communication and team work.

At the start of the program, all participants are divided into teams, allocated the current police investigation file and briefed on all the available case information.

Then the race begins to save Christmas as teams put their analytical, problem solving and investigative skills to the test across a range of team activities.

As the clock counts down to Christmas, the successful completion of these activities leads teams closer to unravelling the mystery.

Christmas Cluedo provides some variety and another fun element to the typical Christmas party. It can be held both during the day or in the evening with a dinner beforehand.

The flexibility of this team event makes it ideal for an indoor venue or a suitable outdoor location, both of which we can assist in sourcing.

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