We are looking for your company’s Masterchef!

Working on a range of cooking tasks, teams must work together with the materials and ingredients provided to whip up the perfect culinary and dining experience.

To begin, all teams meet for a briefing by Corporate Challenge. Teams are told that they need to design and prepare a signature meal and dining experience that will be judged by an expert panel.

Teams then delegate roles, including the hunters and gatherers (those who head to the shops to get vital ingredients), the designers and decorators (those who set the ambience for the dinner with table settings and the appropriate mood), the cocktail waiters (those who design and prepare a signature pre-dinner drink to accompany the meal), and of course the chefs (those who are hands on in the kitchen with a professional chef).

When all is complete, teams come together for the final touches to their experience, before the head chef nominates the finalists and provides feedback about the meals.