Corporate Chef

From shopping for ingredients or unveiling their mystery box of food, designing a menu and cooking a main meal for all to enjoy, this will be a culinary experience to remember as well as unveil who is the Corporate Challenge Events ‘Corporate Chef’.

Teams will work together in this culinary team building program to produce a fine dining experience.

There will be a professional chef on hand to assist teams with menu ideas, cooking techniques, timings and flavour combinations.

Teams will be provided with core ingredients plus cash to go shopping for meat, vegetables, herbs, spices, table settings and anything else to make their dishes stand out from the rest.

As teams arrive back from shopping, it will be straight into the kitchen to start preparing their meals. Teams will have approximately 1.5 hours to produce their dishes, prepare their table settings and plate up to the judging panel for tasting and scoring.

The panel will rate on taste, use of core ingredients, teamwork, presentation and creativity.

From the judge’s score, the winning team will be announced and awarded the Corporate Chef.

Following these awards, the teams get to sit down, relax and enjoy the fruits of their endeavours.

Corporate Chef is a creative and participatory team building program that takes individuals out of their comfort zone in the creation of a dining masterpiece.

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