Fill It

The mission in Fill It is to fill a trailer within an allocated timeframe with goods to be donated to charity. Think it’s easy? Think again!

Your team will brainstorm, strategise, search, scour, request and retrieve items to fill the trailer before the competition fills their trailer.

The result may come down to millimetres when the judge pulls out the tape measure to determine who has filled most.

The real power in the Fill It team building program is not the race but the reward of giving these items to a worthy cause.

Fill It requires strategising, team work and creative thinking to maximise time and efficiency in filling the trailer.

After a briefing at the start, teams are provided with a budget for marketing and travel, and handed a mission booklet to complete.

As part of their mission, teams will have certain places to visit, items to collect and activities to complete.

At the end of the program after the judge has awarded a winner, the nominated charity will arrive to collect the donated items making it a powerful conclusion to a rewarding team event.

Fill It is a rewarding charity team building program that can provide significant and powerful outcomes for your team and the community.

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