It could be anyone, they could be anywhere, and they are not keen to be found.

So the challenge is set and the problem your team needs to solve is ‘who is the Corporate Challenge Events Fugitive and where are they hiding’?

In this fun team building program, a fugitive is on the loose. They could be lurking in the dark alleys of your city or perhaps disguised as a carefree holiday-maker somewhere in your conference location.

Each team’s objective is to be the first to find, identify and return the fugitive to captivity.

Resourcefulness, an eye for detail and the ability to think like a fugitive are characteristics that will distinguish the winning team.

While hunting down leads, teams will participate in a number of recreational and problem solving activities that meet your organisation’s objectives.

Success in these activities will result in clues and information that will help piece together a description of the wanted person and their location.

Adding further complexity, the fugitive has a few tricks of their own to avoid capture and other teams can also lay false trails to confuse the competition.

If your team overcomes these obstacles, does a team member then have the courage to step up and ask someone ‘are you the Corporate Challenge Events Fugitive?’

Fugitive is a fun and problem-solving team building program that relies on resourcefulness, attention to detail and decision making.

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