Somewhere out there, a fugitive is on the loose – in the dark alleys of your metropolis, or perhaps lurking, disguised as a carefree holiday maker.

In the hunt for the Fugitive, teams must participate in activities in order to gain clues as to the Fugitive’s location and identity.

First your group is divided into teams. The teams then compete to be the first to identify and return the Fugitive to captivity. The winning team will have resourcefulness, an eye for detail, and the ability to think like a fugitive.

Throughout the day, while hunting down leads, teams also participate in recreational or problem solving activities that meet your organisation’s team building objectives. Success at activities is rewarded with information that will help find the wanted person. The greater a team’s success at the chosen activity stations, the more clues to the Fugitive’s identity and location.

Be on guard though, as the Fugitive has a few tricks of his or her own to avoid capture, and other teams will be laying false trails to confuse the competition. If your team overcomes all these obstacles, does it have the courage to step up to a member of the public, apparently going about their lawful business, and say “Are you the Corporate Challenge Fugitive?”