Give A Dog A Home

Each team’s goal in Give A Dog A Home is to design, build and present an award-winning dog kennel from scratch.

The ultimate reward in this team building program with a difference is the donation of these new kennels to an animal charity for dogs in need of shelter, including a visit from some friendly canines.

Through this program, teams will be tasked with solving challenges and completing activities under strict time deadlines in order to earn essential components for their kennel.

As the kennels are constructed, participants will develop vital team skills such as leadership, communication, delegation and problem solving.

After the kennels have been built, teams will strive to make a compelling pitch why their kennel is the best. Judges will critique their design and creation to determine an overall winner.

Up until this point, participants think that this has just been an exercise in team dynamics.

It is when representatives from the charity arrive to present the medals and receive the kennels, this fun team building program turns into a powerful event of social responsibility.

Give A Dog A Home is a charity team building program that will provide not only significant team development for your group but also shelter for lost or neglected dogs.

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