Karts for Hearts

This is your chance to be a Formula One buggy technician for a day and build the ultimate racing kart.

Karts for Hearts is a fun indoor or outdoor team building program for schools with the objective to earn equipment and resources to build a billy kart and create a sales pitch why your kart is better than the rest.

Karts for Hearts will take your student or teacher team through a whirlwind of recreational and problem solving activities first as teams battle it out to attain the best equipment for their karts.

Teams that get off to a slow start in these activities still have a chance but will have to rely on a lot of design and decorative mastery and a compelling sales pitch to present a creative and competitive kart.

As teams unveil and market their billy karts, the audience will be enthralled by the creativity and ingenuity of all involved.

On completion of the program, a presentation of the karts to a local charity can take place turning this team bonding activity into an even more rewarding experience.

Karts for Hearts is a fun and creative team building program that relies on resourcefulness, innovation and team work.

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