Lawn Bowls

Get out your bowling shoes or go bare foot, dress up in costume or professionally, and prepare to test your skill, precision and team dynamics at Lawn Bowls.

We will show your group the fun and enjoyment that can be experienced when you combine lawn bowls with some unique twists and challenges.

Held at a local bowling green, Lawn Bowls is a relaxed team building activity that will combine friendly competition with social interaction.

Teams will compete against each other in a typical round robin lawn bowls tournament and also in a variety of novelty games such as left-handed and blind-folded bowling.

By running the program in this fashion, participants will be able to play plenty of games and have time to socialise and enjoy the venue.

Lawn Bowls will culminate with a final knockout round. Based on points gained, team enthusiasm and a number of other undisclosed criteria, a selection of teams will enter this round.

These teams will then bowl off to determine who will be crowned the Corporate Challenge Events ‘Lawn Bowls’ champion.

Lawn Bowls is a fun and recreational team building event aimed to combine friendly competition with social interaction and team participation.

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