Par For A Cause

Does your organisation have a group that will do anything for a sneaky nine holes on the golf course, whilst others find that too boring or difficult?

Well now you can cater for both in a fun and empowering charity team building program called Par For A Cause.

This fun, interactive and engaging team event can also be conducted in a variety of outdoor and indoor locations.

Firstly, teams will be assigned an area and then have to earn resources to build a putt putt golf hole. The challenge is that the props and resources will be non-perishable food items.

Teams will compete against each other to build the most creative, crazy, unique and fun putt putt hole.

They will then give their hole a par limit and submit it to the local planners.

The fun reaches fever pitch as teams then play the entire course in an attempt to record the lowest overall score and become the Par For A Cause champions.

With medals awarded and the champions basking in their glory, the program takes on a deeper meaning as the non-perishable food items used to create the course are donated to charity.

Par For A Cause is a charity team building event designed to develop team skills whilst also contributing items to a community organisation in need.

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