Project Runway

Your group will experience the world of fashion design and catwalk modelling in this fun team building program with a creative difference.

There will be the glitz, glamour, competition and high pressure environment that you would expect in the famous fashion houses of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Versace and Armani.

And you may just uncover some hidden creative talents within your company.

Teams are required to bring to life a specific music genre through the design and creation of an outfit that they must model during a catwalk show at the end of the event.

The teams also choreograph their runway walks to bring an edge to their designs and performance while trying to win over the fashion judges.

Once the teams have been allocated their materials, music genre and tools, they will get to work creating something special.

After an initial 15 minute drawing and planning period, teams will have approximately 2 to 3 hours to produce their outfits with access to materials, props and other fashion design equipment.

Through the program, teams are required to complete activities to earn bonus fabric and equipment that may provide a winning advantage over other teams.

Then when all outfits have been created, the lights will go down, the music will come up and Project Runway will commence.

You may not have Jennifer Hawkins or Miranda Kerr to model, however the choreography of the show will be vital in the judge’s decision and ensure a fun finish to the program.

Project Runway is a recreational team building program which will develop the creativity, resourcefulness and ingenuity in your work team.

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