Just like its reality TV namesake, Survivor will present many fun and challenging team activities to determine who is your ultimate survivor!

We have removed the deserted islands and extreme conditions but still ensure there are many adventures, twists and turns to test the mettle of all participants.

Once your entire group has been welcomed to the sounds of the Survivor theme, you will be divided into tribes and select a suitable tribe name.

Throughout this fantastic team building event, tribes will be tested in a number of fun problem solving situations.

Dependent on their success, tribes will be rewarded with immunity idols at Tribal Council.

Tribal Council then becomes a mix of strategy and skill, as teams must use their idols to progress in the game and rely on their trivia knowledge to move through various eliminations.

One by one teams will be eliminated, until we are left with our sole surviving tribe.

Survivor will provide your group with the opportunity to discover the hidden talents and skills of your people.

Survivor is a great team building event to take advantage of the great outdoors and a picturesque location. It will develop strategy, team work, communication and leadership in fun and recreational situations.

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