Minute To Win It

The challenges will keep coming as teams do battle to become the Minute To Win It champions of your school.

It is like being on a game show without the television cameras in this suspense-filled and engaging team building event!

Teams will be presented with a challenge and then delegate a team member or multiple team members to successfully complete it within one minute.

Each challenge features household items like tissues, spoons, plastic cups and straws.

Whilst they may seem easy, you will be surprised how hard they are with the pressure of the clock ticking down and crowd cheering on.

Challenges will get tougher as the game show progresses. Teams will need to strategically plan which contestants they will save for last as everyone must have a go.

You will be sitting on the edge of your chair right up until the end as teams battle it out in this suspense-filled team building event.

The ultimate objective is for each team to earn as many Corporate Challenge Events dollars as they can. There will be a certain amount of money up for grabs based on how quickly teams can complete each task.

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