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Your Ultimate Guide to Team Building Activities

There is a lot of buzz around the concept of corporate team building.  But with so many amazing team building activity options available what is the best type of Team Building event for your team members?  We thought we would break it down for you, so that you can make an informed decision and select something that is a perfect fit for your team!

Indoor Corporate Team Building Activities

Depending on what time of year or day you are looking at holding your team building event an indoor activity might be the answer!   Taking away the stress of “what will the weather do” and providing the ability to host the program at your office or event venue, there is an indoor team activity to suit every space and group size.

Perfect For: Evening activities or groups that have a space they can use onsite.

Team Building Activities You Might Like:

Providing a unique opportunity to explore and discover the creative potential within your team members. Forget everything you have been told about painting and being an artist. The mystery of the artistic process unfolds in as little as three hours as teams create their very own Mona Lisa.

Get out your fascinators, dust off your suits and get ready for a day of good old fashioned fun. The Corporate Challenge Events ‘Night at the Races’ will test your group’s ability to pick a winner when it comes to horse racing. Will you be in the winning syndicate at the end of the race card?

It can be said that any reward is proportionate to the level of risk taken. Backing yourself in an area where you have considerable experience does not represent much of a risk but over-confidence may well lead to disaster. In this program, your team will be tested in a variety of challenges with the big question being – will your team end up as a corporate success story or will you be applying for bankruptcy?

Outdoor Corporate Team Building Activities

Break up the routine, take in a breath of fresh air and get people out of the normal office environment.  Outdoor activities are perfect for giving everyone a refresh and a chance to switch off from the usual office antics.

Perfect For:  Getting out of the usual office space and taking advantage of the warmer months.

Team Building Activities You Might Like:

Corporate Challenge Events would like to take your company on a wild ride that is Survivor. We have removed the deserted islands and extreme conditions but still ensure there are many fun challenges in this exciting event. And we promise this is a team building program with just as many twists and turns than the reality television show.

Golden sand, clear sparkling blue water and beautiful weather – a great environment for your team building event and an opportunity to bring everyone together for fun and rewarding experiences. Your team will battle it out to win gold at the Corporate Challenge Events Beach Olympics!

  • Play Offs

The playoffs are coming! Ready to get your team energised and competitive?

Playoffs is the perfect way to energise and motivate your team. This exciting program tests communication, trust, and cohesiveness through a series of activities that promote ‘play’.

The competition will be fierce, but in the end there can only be one champion!


Charity Team Building Activities

This one is a win-win!  Not only do you get all the wonderful benefits that come with doing a team building event, but you also get all the powerful feelings that come with giving back to those who need it most.  With so many activities that target so many different worthy causes, the hardest part is choosing which one to go for!

Perfect For: Those who are looking to incorporate giving back to the local community or acknowledge CSR.

Team Building Activities You Might Like:

There will be plenty of fun, hard work and mechanical challenges in this team building program with a twist. With delegates having to solve challenges, work together as a team and build a dismantled bike, it may all seem like too big a challenge. But the smile on the face of an underprivileged child will inspire and make it all worthwhile.

This is a creative and rewarding program that has your team working hard to earn their Lego pieces.  Re-visiting our childhood is something we all love doing from time to time. Better yet to realise all their hard work is being donated will make this Lego masterpiece one to remember.

Being able to contribute to a charitable cause by working as a team to build a dog kennel will provide so much pleasure for your team members. Your staff will have to solve challenges in teams and go about building a dismantled kennel. This activity will develop vital team skills such as leadership, creativity, communication and problem solving, and culminate with a massive smile on everyone’s faces.


Social Team Building Activities

If your objectives are more focused on getting the team together for a bit of fun, then perhaps something a little less structured is what you are looking for.  These team building activities are great for mingling and socializing and work well over drinks or dinner.

Perfect For: Groups that want something a little more relaxed and less structured.

Team Building Activities You Might Like:

The challenges will just keep coming from Corporate Challenge Events as teams battle to become the ‘Minute to Win it’ champions of your company or group. Teams will be presented with a challenge and then required to nominate a team member who they believe has the skills to successfully complete the challenge in under a minute!

Get out your flat white shoes, put on your white clothes and prepare to test your skill, precision and accuracy at Lawn Bowls. Corporate Challenge Events will show your company the fun and enjoyment that can be experienced when you combine lawn bowls, sunshine, cool drinks and good people together for a few hours.

Teams work together throughout the event to produce a fine dining experience. From shopping for ingredients, setting and decorating their table, designing a menu and cooking a main meal for all their team members to enjoy, this will be a culinary experience to remember as we unveil who is the Corporate Challenge Events ‘Corporate Chef’.


Adventure Team Building Activities

Feel the rush of adrenaline with these adventure based team building activities!  All customizable around your location, these team building events are great for competitive groups and something a little more active.  Whether you are racing around the city or adding wow factor with helicopter rides, jet boats or hummers, these team building activities are guaranteed to get your heart pumping as teams race for the finish line.

Perfect For: Adding some excitement to the team!

Team Building Activities You Might Like:

The element of surprise, adventure and the unknown makes this a team building event one to be remembered for years to come. There will be clues, there will be challenges and if your team can locate and crack the case, the rewards will be sweet as the companies vital information is secured.

Strap yourselves in for the race to end all races. With twists, turns, tears and triumphs, your participants will visit different countries (activity stations) as they compete to win the grand prize. Taking in the surroundings of the city or of your venue, teams will have to work well together if they are to beat their competition in the Corporate Challenge Events Great Race.

If you want to harness the continually growing world of technology then this is the program you have been seeking. Blending specially designed custom software with a fast paced scavenger hunt, this program is sure to blow your mind. Equipped with an iPad or smartphone, teams will need to navigate to various GPS located checkpoints which put the spotlight on your local city, suburb or conference venue.  The challenges don’t stop from the starting gun all the way through to the finish line!


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