Risk Reward involves a series of team building activities for teachers where the greater the risk, the greater the reward!

In this activity, the reward on offer is ‘company money’, and teams of teachers must use skills such as communication, trust building, strategy development and problem solving to ensure their ‘company’ is the most profitable.They must read through their instructions, sift through the mounds of evidence and set up a strategy.

At the start of the day, teachers will be credited with a sum of company dollars. 

By negotiating and reaching agreement, the teachers will invest in a series of activities that can test the group mentally or physically. 

The objective is to grow the fund progressively over the day and create the most profitable company.

At the end of the program, the companies come forward and give an account of their performance. 

Did the CEOs work well together and take the right risks at the right time, or was it just a mess of bad decisions and mismanagement? 

School Team Events will sort through the red tape to come up with an ultimate winner of Risk Reward!