The challenges will keep coming as teams battle it out to become the trivia champions of your company!

With a series of brain-bursting puzzles, general knowledge tinglers and lateral thinking mind-benders, the entire group will get a thorough mind workout in this popular social activity.

As each person enters the trivia arena, they will receive team headwear for the program. This may be oversized glasses, bunny ears, Mexican hats, tiaras or something else just as creative.

Then a number of rounds of trivia will test a variety of knowledge and abilities.

There will be general trivia questions on topics such as sport, television, history, general knowledge and pop culture; and, observational trivia questions after watching famous movie clips.

Adding plenty of variety to this program, teams will also encounter some fun and recreational team activities.

Without giving too much away, these activities will feature eating, drinking, music and famous events.

The ultimate objective of Trivia is to earn as many Corporate Challenge Events points as possible with the highest points-scoring team taking out the prize and trophy.

Trivia is a fun team building event that will test knowledge and abilities in a social environment. It is a great event to stage with a team dinner.

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