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Top of the Class

Class is in session!  Testing your knowledge and skills across a number of subjects, you will need to be on your a-game if you want to pass all the subjects and finish top the class.  Don’t worry you will be rewarded with more than gold stars as you work to earn valuable resources to fill your school bag with.  But the real reward will come when the school bags are donated to a charity to pass on to school children who need a little helping hand.  Will you be the teacher’s pet or stuck in detention?

Teams will enter the Corporate Challenge classroom where they will be issued with an empty backpack as they find their seats.  The teacher will explain that through a number of fun, and outcome driven activities they will be working to earn a series of essential school items to fill their backpacks.

The students will be tested in numerous subjects such as Maths, Science, Art, English and Physical Education that will give each team member their time to shine.  If the teacher deems the students efforts as adequate they will pass the subject and be rewarded with an item that reflects that subject to add to their backpacks.  This will be accompanied by a fact sheet from the chosen charity about disadvantaged children and their struggles in this subject area.

Students will be faced with one final test of skill and knowledge that puts all areas of expertise to the test. At the end of the final exam, the team with the highest marks and the most items in their backpacks will be declared the Valedictorians and the top of the class! It is then that a charity representative gives the final impact by presenting to the group what a difference they have made to some very deserving children.

But the impact doesn’t stop there as over the course of the year, the charity and Corporate Challenge Events will send updates to clients who participate in the program about how the backpacks they have donated are impacting the lives of the children who have received them.

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Primary benefit
Fun teambuilding with tailored outcomes
Recreational event promoting team interaction
Secondary benefit
Time management
Role Delegation
Team work
Process Improvement
Team size
Suitable for groups of any number
This event can be tailored for a duration of 2 – 4 hours
Space requirements
Indoor conference room or park with flat area.