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Top of the Class

Class is in session! We are excited to be partnering with The Smith Family to bring you a super-fun event that we know your team will love. Testing your team’s knowledge and skills across a number of subjects, they’ll need to pay attention if they want to be crowned ‘Top of the Class’. By taking part in Top of the Class, you’ll not only be engaging your employees and creating a positive team culture; you’ll also be helping young Australians in need.



Your employees will enter the classroom, and the teacher (the facilitator from Corporate Challenge Events) will explain that they’ll be competing in teams across a number of activities. They’ll be tested in Maths, English, and Geography, giving each team member their time to shine.

The team with the highest marks will earn the enviable title of Top of the Class.


Put on your motivational speaker hats! Tasked with writing letters to encourage and inspire Smith Family students to keep trying and learning, this creative challenge has a powerful impact that sets the tone for the rest of the program.


Time to break out the calculator and times tables. Teams will be tasked with solving a mathematical puzzle. But this is no ordinary mathematical equation, as the result will reveal the number of children participating in Smith Family programs.


North, south, east or west? Using Google Maps, teams will be required to travel around the globe to garner clues to solve a special mystery phrase that has a special significance to The Smith Family.

General Knowledge

As we approach the final task, it will be each teams last chance to gain crucial points. The final quiz will test each teams knowledge of The Smith Family, ultimately revealing who has been paying attention in class and who has not!

After completing the final round, the team with the highest marks will be crowned the winner! It is then that the true impact of the program will be revealed.


By taking part in Top of the Class, you’ll be supporting The Smith Family’s Toy and Book Appeal, which delivers toy and book gift packs to students in need at Christmas time. The contribution from your organisation to the Toy and Book Appeal will be based on the number of teams that register for the event.

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Primary benefit
Fun teambuilding with tailored outcomes
Recreational event promoting team interaction
Secondary benefit
Time management
Role Delegation
Team work
Process Improvement
Team size
Suitable for groups of any number
This event can be tailored for a duration of 2 – 4 hours
Space requirements
Indoor conference room or park with flat area.
Can be delivered online.