Introduction to Corporate Training

Gain the knowledge and tools to enhance your team’s performance and create a positive workplace culture through our training programs.

We are an official provider of FISH! training and Belbin high performance team profiling, both globally-recognised corporate training tools with a proven record in developing successful teams.

Our training programs are tailored to address your learning requirements and are delivered by experienced and accredited facilitators and coaches.

What training do we offer?

  1. Training with FISH!
  2. Training with Belbin
  3. Coaching

What is our training focused on?

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Team performance
  • Understanding your people
  • Managing change
  • Workplace wellbeing
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Team culture

What is the format of the training?

Our corporate training programs are either delivered in ‘workshops’ for small to large groups or in 1-on-1 or small group ‘coaching’ sessions. We can come to you or provide an external venue for your training.

Our workshops can run from 2 hours right up to 2 days depending on the outcomes you seek. They can be adapted to fit within conference programs, executive retreats or simply your normal work day with ease and efficiency.

We also provide ongoing support, coaching and implementation programs to ensure you receive maximum benefit from your training.

Who is the training for?

The FISH! and Belbin training workshops are designed for all levels from business leaders to junior staff.

If you operate in a team environment, the training will equip you with new skills and knowledge to apply straight away.

Our coaching programs are tailored for new leaders, senior managers and senior executives who are seeking leadership development or support with the implementation of FISH! and Belbin training into their team environments.

Where do we deliver the training?

We deliver corporate training programs all over Australia:

Queensland | NSW | Victoria | ACT | Tasmania South Australia | Western Australia | Northern Territory

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