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Find Your Why…the need to know

Why do you do what you do? Everyone in business knows what they do, some know how they do it (their USP, or differentiation), but most don’t know why they do it, their authentic purpose.  

Knowing your WHY is one of the most important aspects of any business.  By taking the steps to clearly define this within your organisation you will see your business flourish, grow and provide clarity on where you are heading and what behaviours will help you get there.

The Find Your Why Workshop will empower your organisation with a new sense of purpose.

Find your why ...THE FACTS


Team Benefits

Self awareness.
Discovering your purpose.
Uncovering your direction.
Creating clarity.


Use Find Your Why when

Undergoing change.
A new team is established.
A new project is underway.
Your team is facing challenges.
Your team is under pressure for high performance.

Team Size & time

Suitable for all group sizes.

4 – 5 hours to multiple days.


A smart device, laptop or PC per person.
Internet access.
An email address per person.
Access to webinar platform.
A webcam per person.

im interested....so how does it work?

We have developed this workshop based on the critically acclaimed book by Simon Sinek to delve into your individual organisations needs.  Through a series of facilitated sessions that can be delivered in one day or across multiple days, we will help you clearly define your WHY and put you on the path to success.

Lets Break The Ice

Let’s get the ball rolling with a quick innovative challenge with an underlying message of injecting fun into stressful situations, the importance of connectedness and linking positive emotions to creativity and innovative thinking/problem solving.  Now that we are warmed up it’s time to get started!

It’s Simple: Companies That Know Their “Why” Succeed

What does a successful company look like and what makes them succeed? We take a look at some of the top brands in the world (some local, some global), and get the group to ask themselves what do they all have in common.  We will take these elements in the next phase as you dig deep and discover your own WHY.

Discover Your Own Why

Based on all we have learnt so far, we will apply these elements to your own organisation as we ask the questions that will prompt you to discover your own WHY.  We will look at some WHY statements that others have written, and discuss the science behind what drives our passions.

Build the Path to Success

Having discovered WHY you do what you we will work closely with you to ask the question; What do you stand for and what will you look like in the future?  This will be the driver that will help you shape the path that will lead your company to future success.

Take it to the Next level: Add Team Building

We like your thinking!  We also offer team building programs both in person and online to ensure you receive maximum benefit from Know Your Why Online.   Why not try one of these activities:


Win it in an Online Minute

So you’re pretty good at completing challenges huh?  What about if we gave you a 60 second time limit? The challenges will keep coming as teams battle it out to become the Win it in an Online Minute champions of your organisation.

All your skills will be tested (even the ones you didn’t know you had!) during this exciting and fast-paced online program!


So, you think you have what it takes to navigate Skynet? Working as a team, you will need to put all your skills to the test if you want to come out on top at the end of each weekly challenge and claim the ultimate victory!  This exciting and fun virtual team game is completely accessible online and is sure to connect teams and boost positive team culture, anywhere, anytime!

Online Trivia

Do you have a fountain of random knowledge bottled up inside you that is just bursting to get out?  Well, it’s time your time to shine! Put your brain to the test and lead your team to victory during the Corporate Challenge Events Online Trivia.

The challenges will keep coming as teams battle it out in the Online Trivia arena to become the undisputed trivia whizzes of your company! 

Why the “WHY’ is based on science

The concept of WHY is grounded in the biology of human decision making. The Golden Circle maps perfectly with how our brains work.

The outer section of the Golden Circle (WHAT) corresponds to the outer section of the brain (Neocortex) which is responsible for analytical thinking and language.

The middle two sections of the Golden Circle (WHY and HOW) correspond to the middle section of the brain (Limbic System) which is responsible for our behavior, decision-making and our feelings.

The part of our brain that controls our feelings has no capacity for language, which makes putting our feelings into words difficult. This course is designed to help you find words to express what truly inspires you.

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