Imagine the sense of achievement your team members will feel after building a bike from scratch.

When they find out the bikes will be donated to a local children’s charity, this fun and challenging team building exercise takes on a deeper meaning and gives everyone a warm, fuzzy glow.

Teams of teachers and students will complete a series of tasks and challenges in order to earn the pieces of their bike. Once all pieces have been collected, building the bike can begin. 

When the bike is fully built, each team must bring their bike to a qualified mechanic who will give the bike a ‘once over’ and report on any defects to the judges.

The first team to have their bike built and approved will be crowned champions for the day.

Once the bikes are complete, each team finds out that their bike is to be donated to a local children’s charity. 

The power of this program goes to a whole new level as we bring the families and the charity into the room for the presentation.