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City Cat Hunt

The element of adventure and the unknown makes this a Team Building option that will be rewarding and enjoyable. Study the timetable, get off at the right stops and excel at all given tasks to be the first to find the missing briefcase in the City Cat Hunt!!

As the group assembles for an unknown event, Corporate Challenge will arrive with mission kits, supplies and instructions for each of the teams.

Without knowing the exact content of the activity, without time for thought, the group is then told of their need to use City Cats and their feet to locate and open a briefcase that is located somewhere in Brisbane.

Instructions clear, each team will commence the first task, which will be a chance to be the first to arrive at the nearest City Cat terminal and pinch a break on the opposition teams. With supplies provided, the teams must work together to follow the timetable given, decipher clues to arrive at the correct locations and complete all tasks throughout the day.

The team to find the case first will have first crack at opening it, and if unsuccessful, the 2nd team to arrive will have an attempt and so on until the case is cracked. The team to do this will be crowned City Cat Hunt champions, as a small presentation ceremony and final debrief concludes each team’s mission.

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Primary benefit
Recreational event promoting team interaction
Secondary benefit
Time management
Team work
Lateral Thinking
Team size
For groups of 6-100
3-4 hours
Space requirements
Outdoor program requiring some park usage