Great Race

Taking in the features and surroundings of your city or location of your choice, teams will encounter twists, turns, tests and triumphs in the race for the finish line.

Who will be the best team in deciphering clues, navigating streets and completing challenges in this Great Race?

With the first clue ripped open, teams are on their way to a great adventure.

After completing a ‘country’ activity station, teams must decide on the quickest method of getting from point A to point B which will be the next station.

Transport can be arranged for you such as mini buses, Harley Davidson motorcycles, helicopters, speedboats, limousines, mountain bikes or scooters, or you may prefer to use your own.

Working together to follow clues and arrive at each country activity stations, teams must also choose the best strategy to complete each challenge.

Adding further spice to these challenges, teams will also be faced with yields (the opportunity to make other teams wait at a certain point for a designated period of time), roadblocks (tasks that have to be successfully completed before they can continue) and other twists and turns.

Ultimately it will be a mad race to the finish line as teams use everything they have learnt, earned and been given to complete the final tasks and cross the line ahead of their competitors.

Great Race is an adventure-based team building program that provides a great opportunity to experience the city or a specific location of your choice while completing team strategy challenges.

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