Hunt for Santa’s Sleigh

Embrace the spirit of Christmas and take part in an epic adventure that is the ‘Hunt for Santa’s Sleigh’.

Is your team up to the challenge of locating the missing sleigh and ensuring Santa can deliver all the presents on time?

It’s a fun team building program for your next work Christmas party!

The day commences with breaking news that Santa has lost his sleigh somewhere in the city or your event’s location.

It is now up to teams of elves to find the sleigh and save Christmas before it is too late.

Each team is provided with a Christmas pack including maps, clues, costume and camera before setting off on the hunt.

Through this team building program, teams will travel around an area such as a CBD or conference venue completing a range of novelty, recreational and problem solving challenges.

At the completion of each challenge, teams will be rewarded with a clue to the location of Santa’s sleigh.

As the mystery unfolds, competition will heat up as each team strives to be the one to save Christmas.

Hunt For Santa’s Sleigh is a fun team building program focused on planning, time management and problem solving and ideal for workplace Christmas parties.

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