Jet Ski Safari

Designed with small groups in mind, the Jet Ski Safari is a treasure hunt on the water at either Main Beach on the Gold Coast or Noosaville on the Sunshine Coast with teams working together to gather clues and find the missing treasure.

As the team arrive, they learn that their goal is to be the first to locate the missing treasure – hidden somewhere on the waterways. With all safety and other instructions given, the team prepared, and maps and other resources acquired, all delegates now make their way to waiting Jet Skis.

Using the Jet Skis, participants arrive at activity stations in order to earn or find clues to the missing treasure. Activities must be completed at stops along the way, providing a small break and allowing team members to swap roles of driver and “grip tight” (the person who hangs on at the back).

Following an exhilarating day on the water, the final mission must be accomplished, as teams depart well satisfied and hopefully not too wet!

Because we need one Jet Ski for every two participants, this program has been designed with small groups in mind – a maximum of about 20 participants.

Jet Ski Safari is a fun and adventure-focused team building program that relies on resourcefulness, trust and team work.

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