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Mission Impossible

‘Your mission, should you choose to accept it…’ will provide surprises, adventures and challenges to be remembered for years to come. In Mission Impossible, if your team can locate and crack the case, the rewards will be sweet and many.

The element of surprise, adventure and the unknown will make Mission Impossible a team building event to be remembered for years to come.

There will be clues, there will be challenges and if your team can locate and crack the case, the rewards will be sweet.

As the Mission Impossible theme music plays around the venue, participants are suddenly interrupted by a MI operative. ‘Your mission, should you choose to accept it …’

Without knowing the exact content of this event and without much time for thought, the entire group is split into teams and briefed that their mission is to locate and open a briefcase that is somewhere in the great outdoors.

With the mission now known, all teams set out to locate the case – this may be by foot, car, coach, speedboat, train, Harley Davidson motorcycles or even helicopter.

Along the way, teams will need to complete several recreational and problem solving activities with the reward being clues to the combination of the briefcase. ‘This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds’!

Be careful though, locating the case is only half the challenge. Correctly deciphering the clues that will open it will be just as tricky. The more clues a team earns by successfully completing their challenges the better. 

Mission Impossible is a recreational team building program designed to foster teamwork, leadership and strategy in a fun and participatory environment.

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Primary benefit
Fun teambuilding with tailored outcomes
Recreational event promoting team interaction
Secondary benefit
Time management
Team size
From 5 to 500
Typically 2-3 hours
Space requirements
An outdoor event