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Ocean’s 11

Faced with puzzles, riddles and casino-style gaming, you will need to put your analytics and risk taking to the test. Should you take a risk or play it safe? Just remember you have to bet big to win big in Ocean’s 11!

Faced with puzzles, riddles, casino-style gaming and problem solving, your team will need to put their IQ, analytics and risk taking to the test.

Should you take a risk on the tables or play it safe? One of the many questions that will confront you during the Ocean’s 11 team building program.

Just remember you have to bet big to win big!

This program has been designed to incorporate your organisation’s team building objectives with some very serious fun.

The glitz, glamour and big bucks of the movie ‘Ocean’s 11’ provides the model to this team experience that will expose more about the personalities of your colleagues than you previously knew.

It is a chance to climb all the way to the top by taking shortcuts, stepping over your rivals and indulging in some ‘get rich quick’ strategies.

Teams will earn Corporate Challenge Events dollars during some fun team activities to start with and then hit the Ocean’s 11 casino and attempt to increase their wealth.

The more money earned during the day’s event, the greater chance teams have of taking the top prize at the end of the program.

Ultimately, each team will take their wad of dollars and prepare to battle it out in a final auction.

Every participant will walk away from the Ocean’s 11 casino with a prize, but a combination of skill and luck will determine its quality.

A fantastic social event, Ocean’s 11 can be delivered over drinks and dinner, or as a stand-alone evening event.

Ocean’s 11 is a fun team building event designed to develop teamwork in a risk-taking and participatory environment.

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Primary benefit
Recreational event promoting team interaction
Secondary benefit
Risk taking
Team size
For groups of any size
1-2 hours standalone or 2-3 hours over dinner
Space requirements
Typically an indoor program. Good option for a dinner activity.