You may not have a Vespa scooter, a telescopic lens or the patience to sit in a bush for hours on end, but our School Team Events ‘Picture Perfect’ program lets everyone become paparazzi for a day.

Keep your mission in mind and remember, you’ll only have one shot at Picture Perfect glory!

The School Team Events Head of Photography has recently been out and taken a number of award winning photos (one for each of the teams). 

Unfortunately, when they returned to the office these photos were cut up into pieces. Your team must find the location of these photos and then capture that one in a million shot on camera.

Throughout the day, teams will participate in recreational or problem solving activities that meet your school’s team building objectives.

Each activity offers pieces of the location photo as a reward for success. 

But a great photo is made up of more than just a location. You also need the right subjects (your team!) and the right props.

So in the final assignment, teams must not only find the photo location but also all of the props that School Team Events asks for.

Now get snapping!