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Picture Perfect (Schools)

You may not have a telescopic lens or patience to sit in a bush for hours but Picture Perfect will allow teachers and students to become paparazzi for a day. It is a fun program for an excursion or camp to hone team and creative skills!

You may not have a Vespa scooter, a telescopic lens or the patience to sit in a bush for hours on end, but our School Team Events ‘Picture Perfect’ program lets everyone become paparazzi for a day.

Keep your mission in mind and remember, you’ll only have one shot at Picture Perfect glory!

The School Team Events Head of Photography has recently been out and taken a number of award winning photos (one for each of the teams).

Unfortunately after printing these pictures, a disgruntled colleague who did not want them submitted for award glory cut them into pieces.

Teams are now required to find the location that these photos were taken and endeavour to capture that award-winning shot themselves.

Throughout this event, teams will participate in a number of recreational and problem solving activities that meet your school’s team building objectives.

Each activity offers pieces of the photo as a reward. The greater the success in the activities, the greater chance of re-creating the original photo.

Then teams must not only find the photo location, but also find, obtain and include in the picture all of the props that the Chief of Photography asks for.

Picture Perfect is a fun destinational team building program which will test leadership, interpretation, resourcefulness and creativity.

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Primary benefit
Fun teambuilding with tailored outcomes
Recreational event promoting team interaction
Secondary benefit
Time management
Decision making
Team size
For groups of any size
Ideally 2-4 hours
Space requirements
Can be delivered in any large private or public outdoor setting