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Congratulations!  Your company has been awarded the highly coveted contract to construct the world’s fastest oil pipeline! With ever changing regulations and unforeseen obstacles, can your team work together to construct a pipeline that meets all requirements without any blockages or shortfalls?

Before teams enter the construction zones and begin working on their structures, they will be put through their paces to make sure that they are qualified, and capable of the seemingly simple, but deceptively difficult task before them.

Teams will be split into three separate zones, A, B, and C, and must work both independently and collaboratively with the wider team to achieve their end goal. 

With limited resources spread across the three internal groups, communication and planning are essential to the team constructing a successful pipeline.

Just as everyone settles into their role and becomes comfortable onsite, sudden curve balls are thrown your way that will require some quick thinking and even quicker execution to ensure the final pipeline meets all requirements.

It will be a race against the clock to make sure your pipeline is ready for the big reveal.  But will your structure hold up?  Or will it all come crashing down at the final hurdle? 

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**Pipeline is a joint venture and the intellectual property is used under license from Adventure Conventions Pty Ltd**

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Primary benefit

Cross-functional team work

Secondary benefit

Time Management
Change management
Lateral Thinking
Planning & execution
Process Improvement

Team size
Suitable for groups of any number
This event can be tailored for a duration of 1.5 – 4 hours
Space requirements
Indoor conference room or park with flat area.