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Play It Forward

An ability to sell ice to Eskimos is an important talent in this team building event. Play It Forward will stretch comfort zones as participants pursue financial success through creative engagement with the general public.

An ability to sell ice to Eskimos is a claim that the winners of this team building event will be able to make to describe their business smarts.

Deceptively simple in concept but fraught with obstacles, Play It Forward will stretch comfort zones as participants pursue financial success through interaction and engagement with the general public.

In this program, teams will be let loose on the city with the mission to discover their competitive advantage and out-sell the competition.

How good will your team be when confronted by the unpredictability of the buying public?

By making their way to various locations in the city using an initial investment, teams will be presented with some money-making opportunities.

Tasks will be as diverse as busking, creating an artwork that can be sold, shining shoes on a street corner and putting together a floral arrangement to sell.

Teams will also have the creative licence to design and implement their very own unique money-making activity.

Simply, the winning team will be the one that finishes the day with the most dollars.

This program also provides the opportunity for organisations to donate the proceeds (the money earned through the day) to their chosen charity to make it an even more empowering event.

Play It Forward is a challenging team building program which will step participants out of their comfort zone and require them to use resourcefulness and creativity to make money.

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Primary benefit
Fun teambuilding with tailored outcomes
Recreational event promoting team interaction
Secondary benefit
Team planning & strategy
Corporate social responsibility
Team size
For any size group
2 – 3 hours is ideal
Space requirements
Access to a busy public location is required