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The Play Offs…

the need to know

The playoffs are coming! Ready to get your team energised and competitive?

Playoffs is the perfect way to energise and motivate your team. This exciting program tests communication, trust, and cohesiveness through a series of activities that promote ‘play’.

The competition will be fierce, but in the end there can only be one champion!


The Play Offs ...THE FACTS


Primary Benefit

Fun teambuilding with tailored outcomes.
The power of ‘Play’
Recreational event promoting team interaction.

Secondary Benefit

Team work

Team Size & time

From 6 to any size.

1.5 – 2 hours.



Suitable for both indoors and outdoors. 

im interested....so how does it work?

The playoffs are coming! Ready to get your team energised and competitive?

With a primary focus on ‘play’ this team-building experience is perfect for any team looking to create some healthy competition and build bonds stronger than ever. A short sharp event that will test teams in all aspects of teamwork.

Utilizing fun and challenging activities that are designed to highlight all aspects of team performance – including communication, problem-solving skills, leadership ability, and teamwork dynamics – Play Offs is guaranteed to push teams to their limits and put them to the test in a truly immersive environment. Whether you want to align your team with specific business objectives or simply want an exciting outing to infuse some energy back into your workforce, Play Offs has everything you need for an exhilarating experience that will leave everyone on your team raring to go!

This program offers a wide range of high-energy team activities that are suitable for all ages and skill levels.

And the best part is that it’s completely customisable. You can design your own event in consultation with your event coordinator by selecting 4-5 activities that are right for your team’s abilities, location and goals. Whether you’re looking for high-energy activities to test your skills or something more low-key to help foster communication and collaboration, we have something for everyone. So why wait? Sign up for Play Offs today and put yourself and your team through the ultimate test!

At the end of the playoffs there is one champion team – will it be yours?


1.5 hours: Select 4

2 hours: Select 6


Get the room buzzing with this speed-based challenge. Teams will get to know each other before they start the day through this fun and engaging activity.  With quick reaction time, the aim will be to see who has the fastest finger in your team.



How’s your poker face? In this challenge teams will be given a set of oversized playing cards and tasked with forming the best poker hand they possibly can.  The trick to achieving this is negotiating with other teams to get the cards they want.



Teams must test their nerves as they try and out play the other teams in building the world’s biggest tower!  Round after round teams will be faced against a new opposition with a new set of rules and once those rules change it’s up to the team to stand tall and show they have what it takes.



Building a Lego structure seems simple right? But when you need to rely on your team relaying correct information from memory…it’s a different story.



Teams will be given two lengths of rope, tennis balls and buckets as they line themselves at opposite ends.  Using skill and precision teams will have to be at their best to balance tennis balls on a length of rope whilst allowing them to travel down the length of rope into a bucket.  Teams will be crossed in different directions and it will be up to them to time it right to make sure it all works.



The ultimate test of team work and coordination Magna Doodle requires teams to replicate a picture…without having their hand on the pen. Armed with whiteboards, rubber bands, markers and ropes teams work together as one to get the job done and create an artistic masterpiece!



Take a step back in time and embrace your inner child as we incorporate play-doh into this fast and frantic challenge. Teams will need to split themselves into builders and interpreters as they try to conquer the Rapid doh scoresheet.


Fastest Finger
Giant Jenga
Lego Challenge


Thank you and your team for a great afternoon at Hagley Park. It was really well run by your team on the ground and the range of activities suited our diverse group. There was a lot fun and laughter, with a healthy dose of competitiveness thrown in for good measure.

– Pita Pit

“You were awesome facilitators. You both did really well with our large group and were very clear/ easy to understand with instructions. My team was extremely varied in physical capabilities yet the activities catered to all, very well planned!! Awesome outcome. the whole team worked really well together and got a lot out of the day


Thank you corporate challenge team for organising a fun afternoon for our team. We had a great time. I would highly recommend you.

– Kaufland

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Let The Games Begin!

Forget work for a minute—it’s time to have some serious fun! In our team building program, you’ll laugh, let loose, and bond with your teammates like never before. Are you up for the challenge?

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