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Raft Regatta

It might not be the America’s Cup but the Raft Regatta will be just as hotly contested. There is no need to get wet if you have a team you can trust and a cunning race plan to fend off the opposition.

It might not be the America’s Cup yachting regatta, but the Raft Regatta team building event will be as hotly contested as any boat race.

There is no need to get wet if you have a team you can trust and cunning race plans to fend off the opposition.

Raft Regatta will take your team through a whirlwind of recreational and problem solving activities as teams battle it out to earn the best possible equipment for their rafts.

Effort will certainly be rewarded with the best teams receiving priority picks for the resources required to build their raft. Those that have been taking it a bit easy will have to rely on left-overs plus creativity to carry them through.

After some innovative nautical building materials have been attained, each team and all members of your crew must coordinate efforts to brainstorm, create and assemble their raft.

Then comes the day’s highlight – the actual race!

Teams present their rafts at the starting line where team coordination will be a vital strategy for success.

With teammates shouting encouragement, the sailing crew take on the race towards the final cannon, with some obstacles plotted by the competition to be expected along the course.

Raft Regatta is a water-based team building event which will harness creativity, resourcefulness, teamwork and competitive spirit.

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Primary benefit
Fun teambuilding with tailored outcomes
Recreational event promoting team interaction
Secondary benefit
Role delegation
Project management
Team size
Ideal for groups from 10+
2-3 hours is required
Space requirements
A venue with a lake
ocean or large pool