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Win it in a Christmas Minute

It’s Christmas time and it’s time to celebrate the festive season with a little friendly competition.  Tasked with completing a series of short and sweet games, teams will need to dig deep and use skills they didn’t even know they had if they want to become the Christmas champions!  Does your team have what it takes to Win it in a Christmas Minute?

What is a Christmas celebration without a bit of friendly competition?

The objective for this program is simple; within your team earn as many candy canes as you can.

How do you earn these candy canes? We are glad you asked!  Split into teams, you must work together to complete a series of Christmas themed games… each in only 60 seconds!

The challenges will keep participants jolly and in the festive spirit throughout the event.  With a variety of Christmas themed games for teams to attempt, which one will you throw your Santa hat in the ring for?

As the clock ticks down, 60 seconds will feel like an eternity and the speed of Santa’s sleigh all at once.  As you draw to the suspenseful conclusion you will be sitting on the edge of your reindeer!

At the events conclusion, the team of elves with the highest number of candy canes will be crowned the Christmas champions and secure bragging rights… for at least the next 12 months.

Perfectly designed to keep your group entertained between courses at your Christmas feast or as a stand-alone program, you are guaranteed to find yourself feeling extra merry and bright.

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Primary benefit

Celebrating Christmas and promoting team interaction

Secondary benefit

Quick thinking
Risk taking

Team size
For groups from 5 to 500
1-2 hour program or 3 hours over Lunch or Dinner
Space requirements
Indoor venue is ideal