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Positive Team Culture


Merry Christmas from our team to yours!

We’re excited to introduce our Positive Team Culture Advent Calendar! This festive journey is designed to ignite connections and inspire play. In the lead up to Christmas, discover a unique challenge that awaits behind each door. Let’s make this countdown a shared adventure!

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it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Plan Ahead

As the recipient of this gift, we’ve granted you special access to peek behind the doors before your team does. Use this privilege to prepare yourself and bring each challenge to life in a way that best suits your team’s dynamics.


Flexibility is Key:

Consider each challenge as an open invitation to foster camaraderie and ignite fun. They are stand-alone, meaning you can complete as many or as few as you like. The goal here isn’t about quantity, but about quality connections and shared laughter.


Let The Games Begin!

This is your chance to let loose, have fun, and embrace the spirit of play. Use these challenges as stepping stones to build stronger bonds within your team. So, laugh a little louder, share a little more, and create  shared memories along the way.

Give Back this Christmas.

“Teams that give back together, stick together”

Select a charity and create a donation basket, asking the whole team to donate something of their choice that they think will help those in need.

Give the team a brief on the chosen charity so the most appropriate items are donated.

Trivia: Christmas Edition

“Unwrapping Festive Knowledge, One Question at a Time”

Host a festive trivia challenge. Form teams, ask Christmas-themed questions, set a timer, and uncover the ultimate holiday guru in a lively, competitive atmosphere. Who will claim the holiday crown?

Kris Kringle Gift Exchange

“The Season of Sharing: Gifts, Giggles, and Good Times Await with Kris Kringle”

There is a certain joy that comes with giving back… and Kris Kringle is no different!  Want to make it interesting? Add a steal option! Pull names out of a hat (virtually or in person) and set a budget. Gifts can be sent or put under the office Christmas tree to enjoy.

Street Scrabble: Christmas Edition

“Letters and Lanes: Street Scrabble Gets a Christmas Makeover”

Take the classic game of Scrabble outdoors for a fun and festive twist. Teams compete to spell out Christmas-related words using street signs. The team with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

Click here to download the brief for instructions to facilitate.

Deck the Desks

“Deck the Desks! Bring Christmas cheer to beat the 3:30 slump!”

Embrace creativity! Send a calendar invite during the infamous 3.30itis. Ask everyone to bring festive decorations, keeping the rest a surprise. On the day, set a 30-minute clock for a team Christmas workspace makeover.

Ginger Build

“Edible Estates! Build your dream gingerbread house and compete for the top spot!”

Unleash the creativity of your team members with a gingerbread house competition. Provide each participant with a gingerbread house kit and let their imagination run wild. Once everyone has finished, have a vote to decide the most creative, festive, and well-constructed gingerbread house.

Christmas Bingo

“Unleash the Festive Fun! Dive into our Christmas Bingo – a game for everyone, everywhere!”

This game is easy to set up and can be played in person or virtually. Distribute printable holiday-themed bingo cards to all participants, call out the items one by one, and the first one to complete a row or column and shout “Bingo!” gets a prize.

Click here to download a free set of bingo cards.

Spread the Cheer

“Turn a simple card into a smile and make someone’s day”

Assign each team member a Christmas buddy. Give them the challenge to create a handmade Christmas card and send it in the post to their buddy (or drop it on their desk).

Christmas Team Building

“Jingle All the Way to Positive Team Culture Success this Christmas!”

Plan a festive Christmas team-building event. Choose engaging activities that promote collaboration and fun. Whether virtual or in-person, it’s an opportunity for your team to connect, celebrate, and build stronger relationships during the holiday season. Explore Christmas Team Building.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

“Dare to Wear the Unbearable: The Ugly Christmas Sweater Challenge!”

Get everyone in the spirit and invite all team members to wear a classic ugly Christmas sweater to the next meeting.

Taste of Christmas Challenge

“To share food is to share life.”

Cook a Christmas feast as a team either in person or have a cooking session together via zoom, before sitting down to enjoy together.  If logistics don’t allow for a communal cooking session, another great way to celebrate the holiday season together is by organising a potluck lunch. Each team member can bring a dish from home to share during the break

Fastest Finger Icebreaker

“Play is the road to childhood happiness and adult brilliance.”

Ignite the competitive spirit in your team with our exhilarating game, “Fastest Finger”. This high-energy, laughter-inducing activity is all about quick reflexes and strategy. The premise is straightforward yet thrilling: outmanoeuvre your opponent and capture their index finger while artfully protecting your own.

Click here to download the brief for instructions to facilitate.

Christmas Edition Guess Who?

“Santa’s Little Helpers: Guess Who They Grew Up to Be!”

Each team member will need to send in a photo of them as a child at Christmas for their coworkers to guess who the child in the photo is. Post them on your office notice board or share them in zoom.

Christmas Cracker Off

“Whose Jokes will Sleigh the Competition?”

Ask team members to prepare their best Christmas themed jokes to try and have their colleagues rolling on the floor in laughter! Each team member presents a new joke at each weekly meeting to keep the atmosphere festive.

Christmas Recipe EBook

“Creating Connections One Recipe at a Time!”

Create a virtual Christmas Recipe Book. Invite team members to contribute their cherished holiday recipes with personal stories. Whether it’s Grandma’s famous cinnamon rolls, a family’s secret stuffing recipe, or a unique cultural dish, welcome them all. Categorise them, design a digital booklet, and share it.

Virtual Christmas Background

“Festive Frames: Join and Win!”

Invite team members to create or find the most creative and festive virtual background for their video calls. Have the team vote on the best ones and award the top three with holiday-themed prizes.

Christmas Playlist Collaboration

“Music is the universal language of mankind.”

Create a shared Spotify playlist and ask each team member to add their Favourite holiday tunes. Play the playlist during work hours to add some festive cheer to the day!

Holiday Huddle: Christmas Stories

“Share, Connect, and Celebrate Holiday Traditions Together!”

Ask each team member to share a favourite holiday memory or tradition. This could be done in person, over a video call, or even as blog posts on your company website. This activity is a great way to learn more about each other and build connection.

Perform an Act of Kindness

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

In the spirit of the holiday season, encourage each team member to perform an act of kindness. This could be anything from helping a coworker with a challenging task to paying it forward to a stranger. After completing the act, they can share their experience with the team to inspire others to do the same.

"What's in the Stocking?" Game

“Guess the Festive Fun: What’s in the Christmas Stocking?”

One person fills a stocking with mystery items and the others take turns guessing what they are just by feeling. This game can easily be adapted for virtual teams by using items found at home.

Christmas Reindeer Shuffle

“Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Navigate the Reindeer Shuffle!”

Team members navigate as reindeer across a line of squares, swapping positions, to face away from the vacant ‘sleigh’ spot. A fun, festive challenge!

Click here to download the brief for instructions to facilitate.

Holiday Movie-Inspired Charades

“From Screen to Scene: Bring your Favorite Holiday Movies to Life!”

Have team members act out scenes from their favourite holiday movies in a virtual or in-person charades game. It’s a fun way to test their acting skills and knowledge of classic films.

Holiday Two Truths and a Lie

“Unwrap the Holiday Truths: Can You Spot the Christmas Lie?”

Ask employees to think about the worst Christmas gifts they ever received. Each team member comes up with two that are true and one that is a lie. One by one team members will share their responses, while the other participants try to figure out which ones are real and which ones aren’t.

Holiday Doodle Dash Challenge

Unleash your holiday spirit with ‘Festive Pictionary,’ a jolly ride packed with Christmas cheer!

Draw, guess, and laugh as you navigate through all things festive. Don’t keep the fun waiting, grab your virtual pencil now and let the holiday games begin!

For a sleigh-full of laughter, click here to download instructions.