Who will take home the Corporate Challenge Oscar?

A black tie screening and award ceremony is the laughter-filled conclusion to this activity, where your team members work together to create a TV advert or short film related to your company.

Teams compete to win the contract for a TV campaign, aiming to meet a specific objective. Teams must work in a creative manner while also thinking strategically about what will catch the judge’s eye. Team members also need to decide who will be suited to particular roles such as lead actor, director, costume design, script and sound. Team members collaborate to create a thirty-second television commercial for the organisation’s future strategic positioning, new product launch or other company theme.

Each team will be supported by a technical facilitator and will have access to digital video equipment and computerised editing facilities, as their masterpiece comes to life professionally. When all the films are complete, team members will leave to put on the black tie and ball gown in preparation for the Oscars and premiere screening. Only one team can receive the gong for best production and take home the spoils of the Corporate Challenge Oscar.

The facilitated program takes about 3-4 hours but there is benefit in allowing extra time for teams do some pre-work on the strategic aspects of their task.

A small indoor area is required for each team so that they can complete their editing, without disturbing others or being disturbed.