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Risk Reward

Will your team be a corporate success or apply for bankruptcy in Risk Reward? Requiring strategy, trust, teamwork and process improvement, the objective is to grow your finances through calculated risk taking and become the most profitable!

It can be said that any reward is proportionate to the level of risk taken.

Backing yourself in an area where you have considerable experience does not represent much of a risk but over-confidence may well lead to disaster.

In this team building program, your group will be tested in a variety of challenges with the big question being – will your team end up as a corporate success or applying for bankruptcy?

The first order of business will be a fast and furious AGM. All teams will have to create a fictional company and a product that will represent them for the program.

It could be ‘Big Wheels’ selling wheelchairs, ‘Little Lucy’ selling clothes for the larger man, and ‘Scarlet’ who can look after all your bedroom apparel! It’s entirely up to your business acumen!

At the start of proceedings, all companies will be credited with a sum of company dollars.

The teams then invest any portion of this fund, together with accumulating profits, in a series of team building or recreational activities with a financial focus.

The objective is to grow the fund progressively over the day and discover the most profitable company.

Risk Reward is a team building event that requires strategy, risk taking, trust, team work and process improvement.

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Primary benefit
Recreational event promoting team interaction
Secondary benefit
Risk taking
Process improvement
Team size
For groups from 5 to 500+
2-3 hours
Space requirements
Can be tailored for either indoors or outdoors