In Play It Forward, teams work together to grow a small initial investment into a big fat pile of cash.

Here is a chance for each team to discover its unique competitive advantage and get all the way to the top by outselling the competition. How good will your team be when confronted by the unpredictability of the buying public?

By making their way to various locations using the money supplied and public transport, teams will be presented with money making opportunities. Tasks are as diverse as busking, creating an artwork that can be sold, shining shoes on a street corner, putting together a flower arrangement that someone may actually want to buy, or even trying your luck at the tables of a casino. During the day, each team will also have the opportunity to design and implement its very own unique money making strategy.

All of the challenges, designed to reflect your organisation’s team building objectives, will require commitment, persuasion and good team dynamics. The winning team – the team in line for promotion to your organisation’s most senior ranks – is the one that finishes the day with the most dollars. The sum of money created by all teams could be donated to charity to help those in need, allocated as the prize to the winning team, or put on the bar for all to enjoy!