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Inspired to share the FISH! philosophy with you

About 18 months ago, we reset our vision as a company. Through a process we went through, we discovered our staff were inspired by working within a great team culture and empowered by delivering services that spread this into other organisations.

Through this process, I asked myself, “how did our culture originate in the first place”. It was there when I started with the company which was one of the key reasons why I joined. But how did it come to be?

There was no single factor or answer – I could rattle off many contributing factors… ‘a motivating and caring leader’, ‘recruiting and developing the right people’, ‘having fun in the workplace’, ‘a strong bond between staff’ and many others.

However, one very important factor that I kept coming back to, was a philosophy that our Managing Director has lived for many years and a philosophy he has shared with all of us.

We have all embraced it and we live it and breathe it in our workplace every day.

The philosophy is called FISH! – globally recognised today for inspiring teams and developing positive business cultures.

It is based on a documentary that filmmaker John Christensen created on the world-famous Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle in the US.

John was amazed at the crowds that were attracted by the joy, enthusiasm and energy of the fishmongers that worked there, and subsequently the large sales this created.

The documentary he produced was called FISH! and explores four simple practices that people can apply to be successful. These four practices are the FISH! philosophy.

Recently we had a ‘light bulb’ moment as a company.

We thought… “Well, our vision is to create positive team cultures through the services we deliver in team building, corporate training and events planning. Why don’t we actually share the philosophy that underpins our own culture”.

So, we made enquiries, had meetings, undertook training and today we are an accredited training provider of FISH! – one of very few training providers to have this accreditation in Australia and New Zealand.

I am excited! My colleagues are excited! We are all thrilled to be able to share FISH! with other organisations through tried-and-tested training programs.

Today research shows that more and more people appreciate the importance and value of working in a positive team culture.

FISH! provides an opportunity to explore how to create a great culture whilst tapping into the strengths and passions of your people.

It will help all organisations improve engagement and morale, customer service, teamwork and trust, and recruitment and retention.

And, it will make a difference immediately. There are small things that people can apply straight away that will change the way it feels to live, work, communicate and lead.

It’s not just for leaders either. Both managers and staff will benefit from the training equally. Everybody in a team is responsible for integrating the four principles into their attitude and behaviour.

And now our team is ready and raring to tailor a FISH! program for any organisation.

After a detailed consultation process we will present the outline of a tailored workshop for the organisation.

Our FISH! workshops will build strong teams and challenge individuals. Most importantly, they will be fun.

They are also adaptable to either two or four hours depending on the outcomes the organisation seeks and can be easily integrated into other professional development programs.

FISH! workshops can be tailored for team building, sales, customer service, change management, workplace culture, staff retention, relationship building, self-management, managing staff and for schools, both teachers and students.

We also offer ways to measure the impact of FISH! training with before and after surveys to showcase the value of the program.

Are you ready to transform your team culture?

Anita Kropacsy, Corporate Training Manager – Corporate Challenge Events